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  • guywithbaldspot guywithbaldspot Dec 10, 1999 4:07 PM Flag

    Price may go down slightly...

    now that we're near the end of the year. However,
    I don't see it dipping below 8 1/2 anytime soon. In
    fact, there could be a new level of resistance at 9. I
    said way back when (see post #45 and some before that)
    that the price would be back at 10 by the end of the
    year (at least I got that right!).

    I'm sure
    that there a lot of people who got in at or around 10
    who are now selling to break even. That's why I think
    there may be a slight decline.

    If you're just
    getting in now, just sit back and hold on as we'll be
    going higher in 2000. I'm estimating the low teens in
    9-12 months from now, and the high teens in 18-21
    months. The 20s may take 24 months though.

    If you
    were lucky and got in really cheap, you can always
    take some profits now, or wait for bigger ones later
    on. Since each individual has a different set of
    circumstances (i.e. risk tolerance, discretionary income and/or
    debt, etc.), I won't even try to tell you what to do.
    However, I see the stock price doubling within 2 years,
    and really taking off after that.

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    • The WSJ Interactive shows NXRA activity in
      after-hours trading, 4:00 to 6:30, as follows:

      volume; close at 11.4375, up 1 1/2 for a 15% gain for the

      This seems unreal, since the stock couldn't break 10
      1/4 all day on 384,000 shares during regular hours.

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