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  • shorts_nemesis shorts_nemesis Oct 7, 2009 8:35 PM Flag

    OT: "Coup d' etat" by lioninwinterman

    I never thought it would happen, but America has been overthrown by group of thugs who call themselves bankers and their co-conspirators the Federal Reserve.

    This insidious virus, utilized the successful tactics employed in other third world unconstitutional depositions, seizing control of key government offices, disguising their intentions by giving themselves patriotic names such as Bank of "America" and commandeering any regulatory agency which might stand in their way.

    The final step was to thwart any revolt by the masses. This was done by impoverishing the population, burdening the unsuspecting with mountains of debt, basically making them indentured servants to the new regime.

    To solidify their grasp the currency was trashed, insuring a third world population, with no voice, no power, simply struggling to survive, unable to offer any resistance.

    It was years in the making, the Jihad financed by various forms of fraud entitled investment vehicles, derivatives, and alike. All perpetrated under the cover of their henchmen, the SEC, Rating Agencies, Federal Reserve.

    The faithful day that our once great country had been clearly hijacked came when the ponzi scheme that filled the coffers of our enemy collapsed sending the US economy tumbling, pushing millions of Americans into poverty, long term unemployment.

    This is when the thugs demonstrated they owned the government, the Fed, Treasury, they basically owned you. Not only were they not indicted for their treason, criminal activity, they were rewarded with huge sums of money, their bad bets covered courtesy of the peasants who had absolutely no say.

    The ugly truth is Americans will never be paid back for the hundreds of $billions in credit default swaps they were forced to make good.

    The ugly truth is a falling dollar is the very definition of lower living standards.

    The ugly truth is jobs are never coming back.

    The ugly truth is the mountain of debt owned by our govt, means rising taxes for all.

    The ugly truth is we no longer reside in a Democracy but a Plutocracy. The free market is dead, we are controlled by the shameless, those diseased with greed, our largest financial institutions and the lobbies that represent them.

    Sad day for America and the hard working honest Americans who fought so hard to create a better place for themselves and their children.

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