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  • pt117cool pt117cool Nov 18, 2011 8:55 PM Flag

    insider purchase 30K @ 12.01 on 9/20

    Watch this guy double his money...JMO

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    • I know most of you long pumpers don't seem to do much dd so I thought I'd take the 1 minute it took to find out that after pcx gave him 48K FREE SHARES, his average price on the 78K shares he owns is $4.614. So you see he is already up 100% by a few cents a share. I hope all of the buy and hold longs got his thank you card for the free shares.

      Too bad those that bought last spring like fishboy and fruity when the arclight boys and SVP Robert Bennett sold last year are still down 60% from when they bought and need pcx to go up 150% from yesterday's close to get back to where the shorts went out of their way to tell people to sell.

      There you have the reason for the scores and scores of ids of these two biggest losers on the planet. Anyone with an IQ over 70 would have caught on months ago that what they have been doing really doesn't work but there you have it, they still continue to this day with new ids showing up every day. HILARIOUS and RETARDED LOSERS are a few words that come to mind.