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  • choomerbama choomerbama May 31, 2012 4:59 PM Flag

    Stupid question of the month: Who cares about WV vote?

    Gotta wonder if some people were in a coma. In 2000, Bush won by 5 electoral votes (271-266). WV had 5 electoral votes. Bush won them.

    As for doing away with the Electoral College, good luck. It would first require 2/3rds of each house to pass a resolution to amend the constitution. Then the affirmative votes of 3/4ths of the states. That would be 38 states. How many small states do you think would vote for it?

    By the way, the USA is not a "democracy". It is a representative republic.

    Next stupid question?

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    • You asked how many small states would vote to abolish the Electoral College. The answer is: None. If you know anything at all about the Constitutional Convention, you know that there were many compromises on many issues. Without the Electoral College compromise, there would have been no United States. The small states would not have joined. They did not want to become subservient to the large population centers. That also is why each state has two senators regardless of population.

      Anyone who thinks the Electoral College can be "done away with" is a dope smoking serious dope.