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  • savinit4later savinit4later Oct 10, 2001 12:54 PM Flag

    I pulled out my losses about a week ago

    I may have pulled at the wrong time to catch this little run. However, I have almost made up my losses in the last week already elsewhere. I am watching this to see if there is a place I feel like going back in on. I am not a shorter. I have never shorted, I should learn how. Currently I have a dim view about buying any of this. I expect to see it lower and will consider buying back in then. Management needs to answer some questions soon. I am not writing this one off yet, but I want to see what is going on with the expenses and stock sales first. I want to see the reports.

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    • bj,

      get a grip bud. follow the thread not the title.

      chow baby!

    • Yes way man., In fact SKX was at $25 only 6 weeks ago down from $40. No big deal. It was there for good reason. And it went down for poor reasons, at least down as far as it has. Even figuring 2 slow quarters the 30-50% growth rate is possible again soon and then this 7 PE will look ridiculous to anyone on Wall Street. Should be more like a 25 PE. Or 20 at least. And this teensy market cap is laughable too. Remember PALM just made back 50% in two days when shrots and bashers thought it would go bankrupt. They just announced Michael Jordan as their new spokesperson. Shorts always lie at the bottom so don't believe the bashers. Greedbergs my ass. GREENbergs is more like it. SKX is a big-big winner. See you at $25 again.

    • gno way man...

    • Keep your prejudices to yourself. And if they're in Des Moines, excellent. What I meant was that their stores are only beginning to open. I doubt there's one in Iowa yet.

    • What do you mean they aren't in Des Moines yet?

      SKX is splattered everywhere in every generic mall stores across the midwest. Even my friend who owns a small, independent sports shoe store in Harrisonville, MO (very rural, and hour from Kansas City) carries SKX.

      Just because the Greenberg's are from LA is just a coincidence.

      By LA a-hole, I mean that you've continually posted little things like "LA's the trend capital of the world" as if people in the real world actually care about LA and are waiting on its every move.

      I have a number of friends from CA who moved there from the Midwest. And, _their_ friends they've met in CA think we're a bunch of gomers with buck teeth and banjos sitting on porches watching the corn grow. It's really kind of annoying.

      You should have seen it at a wedding we went to there a year ago. It was "boring midwest" jokes left and right when we got there... until the time for the various wedding parties when we left the stiffs in the dust. (And, I'm a friggin' engineer...we're as boring as it gets...)

      LA's just another big city that just happens to have a base of media companies there. Get over yourself already.


    • Of course a lot of factors could change that but it seems retail stocks tend to run in the sporing for some reason though they can also do some pre-Christmas popping. Just buy and hold. Or hold.

    • LA asshole? What's that supposed to mean?
      In fact SKX is a local company, I have seen them grow since they started doing promotions here and much of their initial marketing efforts are aimed and tested here. They're not in des Moines yet but they will be.
      But you don't have to be from LA to see the value here. A good time to buy more IMHO as there's some general profit-taking today.

    • Are you really an LA a-hole who believes you're the center of the universe out there?

      Please tell me you aren't fitting into your stereotype...

      Jon aka Midwest boy

    • dude, it's spelled gnarly

    • good outlook, I think I need to learn how to short

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