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  • swartzabugger swartzabugger Mar 26, 2010 8:43 AM Flag

    $38 today???

    I think we will hit $38 and close around $37.125 .

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    • Good call bugger.

    • Funny we have an everstupid short that 'Didn't know what SKX's short postion was' but repeatedly said he thought SKX was a good short at $33, $36 then $37.

      Just as I thought the everstupid fool pretending not to be short WAS ACTUALLY short.

      Probably some idiot that listened to the article suggesting SKX was a short at $30. Well SKX now $37.

      Don't you love it how these shorts never have a loss according to them?

      Even on a stock that has gone nowhere but up?

    • I hadn't been in SKX before, but yesterday I shorted and covered a small position for a small profit. I'm re-entering on the short side. Among my reasons are insider selling which appears to be more than normal, routine selling and I recall that the founders of Sketchers once founded LA Gear and rode it up as a fad leader until others caught up and surpassed them. I missed buying this and seeing it double and more, but I think it's now as overpriced as it once was underpriced.

      Before the end of the quarter I'm just nibbling at a short position though.

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      • I didn't bother with re-starting a position in SKX then because stock has such a low float. It looks tempting as a short today, but I chose to short NKE instead. I wouldn't buy or even hold SKX here. As a (middle aged, female) runner, I check out lots of shoes for comfort as well as for performance. Last night I went shopping with an open mind and ended up buying a pair of New Balance shoes to add to my Aasics and Reeboks. The casual shoe category is crowded and over supplied, IMHO.

      • Tooo many nurses where I work buying shape ups....Not a good short candidate. The "nursing factor" predicts blow out earnings! They ain't wearin crocs anymore!

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