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  • wallstreet_donor wallstreet_donor Oct 28, 2010 4:05 AM Flag

    Candor Lacking

    Are you that dumb or do you enjoy posting misleading information?

    Everyone knows October 2008 to October 2009 was basically a throw-away when looking at historic price trends for almost any stock. Probably 1,000 stocks hit 10-year lows in March 2009 like SKX.

    If you throw away the market crash and subsequent recovery between October 2008 and October 2009, SKX hasn't traded below $20 (with three 1-month exceptions) since early 2006. In 2005, SKX was trading between about $11 and $18. Its probably safe to assume SKX was trading in 2005 based on at least 2006 revenue and EPS projections. In 2006, SKX generated $1.2 billion in revenue and earned $1.60/share.

    For the nine months of 2010, SKX has generated $1.6 billion revenue and $2.71 EPS. Again, SKX is today trading based on future revenue and EPS projections. However, this year isn't even over and SKX has already surpassed 2006 revenue and EPS by 33% and 69%, respectively, and management is stating they expect record revenue and EPS in 2011.

    SKX won't come close to $5 again because before it hits $5, too many people would borrow money, max out their margin accounts and clean out their kid's college funds to buy in at $10 or $15.

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