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  • jkwelli jkwelli Dec 22, 2010 2:37 PM Flag

    24% of Float Still SHort

    That is alot of ground they have to make up.

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    • If I'm misrepresenting you, it isn't intentional. I basically read your post that this is a positive that there is 24% short interest. I read that high of a short interest as a potential problem. Shorting at this valuation is pretty ballsy, and thats some pretty strong conviction if that short interest is still at these levels when the next report comes out. Seems much more riskier to me, but for some reason, they might not be covering yet. They certainly are getting their chances.

      And I think referring to me as a short or someone who sold and is now bashing to knock the price down to buy back cheaper is misrepresenting me. Quite frankly, I'd be much happier if this would be putting in a double bottom, and finally break that downtrend and move on up like many here think will happen. I'd be more than happy to jump on that wagon when it happens. I certainly won't short it, and I certainly won't buy at the bottom.

      As far as this little spat goes, I'm done with it. I'll call for a truce, but I will participate in your posts in whichever direction makes sense at the time.

    • You COMPLETELY miss the mark and are intentionally misrepresenting me.

      I am more than happy that all ethical longs make money.

      You can sell/buy, cry, short/long, make or lose money.

      I never ripped you for what you call dumping. Always good to make a profit. You just are plain misrepresenting me.

      I am glad SKX has 24% shorted.

      I can easily wait 3 or more years for shorts to cover. If SKX drops to $16, I won't be pulverized. The point in all of this is that I am holding a good company, not that I am waiting for the shorts to cover. The good company part, will cause the shorts to cover or suffer eventually.

      If shapeup sales decline 50% I will say ok how is the rest of the company doing that I valued at $20?

      It may not be easy for some longs to hold with the short SKX bashers, the ridiculously late downgrade and the would be buyer-bashers but I can wait.

      I don't think SKX's $5 per share will disappear. In fact, it will probably contine to grow at least $1 per share per year until they spend the money.

    • So now I'm unethical? For what? Disclosing my position? For saying why I sold? For posting counter arguments as to why this stock has been beat down. For actually considering the idea that something may be wrong here? For saying that I hope some day folks make their money back on this? I don't think I could be more honest, and no way would I be shorting this thing.

      I get all the fundamental arguments that have been made non-stop here. Which is why I think some day this POS might have a chance when the chatter clears. But boy, if the 24% shorts are right, and they have no intentions of covering any time soon, and they have the same conviction as you, then something is really wrong, and folks are gonna get pulverized. Maybe you will be right. Maybe not. Go ahead and keep ripping me for dumping. I really don't give a "dung" (third grader lingo I guess). Your pumping post about 24% shorts is viewed by others that this thing still has issues, but instead you look at it all rosy and that its a good thing. Others are betting heavily that this thing is going down like Monica on Clinton and shorting is a much higher risk, particularly where the valuation is today. We'll find out soon when the next short information is released, and that will be interesting.

      Only a fool would not recognize my sarcasm in the Pepe posts. Although it would be interesting to hear from the guy that pumped the fact that the Analyst had a $30 price target, only to get whacked in half a week later. Perhaps that Bobertson dude is right about you.

    • 1) Good for you.

      2) I can hold SKX a long time.
      You think SKX will be 24% shorted 3 years from now? 2 years from now? Late next year?

      3) I don't even care if shape up sales drop to zero. I believe without any of those sales, the company is valued at $20.
      I EXPECT shapeup sales to decline. I am not gung-ho on the shapeups. I like the REST of the company.

      I have listed fundamentals many times; book value, cash on hand, etc.

      4) My rosy thesis? You are full of dung. I have often said I am indifferent to shapup sales.

      I guess posting facts about the company is rosy to someone that is trying to talk down the stock for a cheaper entry point.

      So saying SKX trading at or below book value is rosy.

      So saying SKX has $5.06 per share cash on hand net of debt is rosy.

      Saying SKX will earn around $2 per share is rosy? ALl other analysts execept one are much higher.

      Saying SKX is 24 shorted is rosy? Shorts will cover sometime.

      5) Bash SKX all you want obviously or discreetly. I will continue to state the FACTS,

      6) You are so interested in pepe and keep posting asking for him.

      Good luck to the ethical.

    • You can't sue without a main plantiff. They're hard to find.

    • ...And it appears their conviction may be every bit as solid as yours. Who will win in the end?

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