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  • firstspacemonkee firstspacemonkee Jan 7, 2011 10:52 AM Flag

    More scary discounting

    No longer only at discount stores like costco or online at amazon. This time it's at Finish Line...

    To save you time, the shoes are 27.99 when you add them to your cart. Then there is a 20% off coupon code you can use as well. Ends up being 30.25 or so when you include shipping.

    To be quite honest I am long this stock, but I am certainly getting concerned now. I know the stock is worth 20 dollars or more, but all this discounting might punish it to levels below where I bought at for an extended period of time.

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    • Thanks for the heads-up. I went there to buy some cheap Shape-ups for my wife. But the white/silver/pink that you directed us to is no longer available in my wife's size. You negected to add that the pictured white/silver is discounted to $79.98 (not in my wife's size either) and the pictured black/black is at full price of $99.99 (it does come in my wife's size). Keep us posted for buys!!! I see that they have an Avia toner discounted to $29.98 thou.

    • yeah- that's not great news for the longs, but really I think that this is priced in (this is getting priced like its going bk). I actually do agree with about everyone (both optimists and pessimists) on this board, we all know that shape ups are struggling, the question is how much is it going to impact the long term viablity of skx.

      Look, we all wouldn't be here (and this stock wouldn't have as many people on the board) if this stock did not have problems- we all would be on other stock boards talking about another struggling company, because people in this stock now are the ones who look for value and you can find the best value when the company starts struggling (or keeps struggling in our case).

      I honestly have never posted online about another stock on any other website, but I think that we could all agree that this stock has alot of variables, and is quite a challenge to price, thus the sheer amount of discussion- the problem is for retail investors like us is that we get the best information last.

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      • one of the best small apparel retailers is joseph a bank. their margins have been rock solid for years. every morning at 6 am i get an email from them touting buy 1 get 2 free and 70% off nearly everything. discounting is often an illusion to bring in customers. the company controls its pricing very very well and spot discounts to move older merchandise has nothing to do with margins in many cases. the 110 dollar price point gave retailers huge margins. the shoes should sell for 80-90 with the profit coming out of the retailers pocket not skechers, and at 80-90 price point demand is higher. we seem to have stabilized here in the 20 range, no major unaccounted for share dumps lately. we need to get real info soon on the company.

    • No discount for new model, very old model is discounting. Normal for each year at this time of the year.

      Last year on january 3th, 2010, i bought SKX shoes at 70% discount.

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      • Alright, well, I am willing to admit I may be wrong. In my opinion I think most skechers shoes look incredibly repulsive (especially the shape-ups) and I've never worn a single pair in my life. So, I have no idea what the "first generation toners" are and what aren't. Heres another pair for around the same price that look somewhat newer?

        I didn't buy SKX because I thought toners were the future however. I bought them for their core shoe company pumping out great ROE year after year and the fact they were trading at book. That said, when muliple models of these shoes have been at 70% + discount for the last 2-3 months at a variety of retailers, that concerns me.

        And no, I am not some short just trying to scare people out of the stock. I am not gullible enough to believe that big money investors go to yahoo forums for advice before buying/selling. And honestly, if you aren't big money, you don't matter anyhow. I think you pumpers/bashers are all ridiculously stupid to be wasting your time cheerleading your cause on yahoo forums all day long. I am just trying to have a legitimate discussion about this discounting.

    • Unfortunately, they had no men's shoes in that price range...Thanks for the scare tactic...

      Besides, the shoes at that price look like they were first generation.

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