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  • littlejimmyvalentino littlejimmyvalentino Jul 28, 2011 7:08 PM Flag

    LJV Calling it a Night

    Final thoughts on a very good day...

    1. Fairly soon--and I mean really soon--the glow of the conference call will be behind us.

    2. And, from the gist of the board, new morons are arguing whether or not the stock will go down $0.50 in a day or two. (I'm not making this up--look at the previous thread.)

    3. There will be considerable back and forth. The stock might go up a buck or two from here--or down a buck or two from here--but, my best guess is that absent a huge upgrade (More than BB&T $18) or a misfire from D.C., we're going to be hovering around where we're at for quite some time. Until...

    4. The next conference call is now about 89 days away. That call will encompass the Back To School season. They will confirm how much GS&A expenses they have cut. There will be better information on the d.c. Does anybody in their right mind want to be short going into that call?

    5. During the interim, my guess is that SportScan is going to pick up any indication of BTS strength. So, it is even entirely possible that spikes might occur before the October call.

    6. I will take it upon myself to chastise and belittle any moronic statement going forward.

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    • Yes, this breeze guy sure is getting worked up about just trying to grab 50cents to a dollar via a short trade. 50 cents to a dollar isn't even worth a single message board post.

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      • I just gave my opinion of the near future. .50 to a 1.00 short is nice for a day or two of work. I would like 10 or 20 thousand that quick.

        Quick in and out shorts like me will be what supports the stock when it does start to fall by covering.

        He can criticize me all he wants. I stand by my statements. It was nice talk but this market requires show me. BBT was the only 18 buck upgrade. When SP and others follow then it deserves attention. BBT would upgrade anything they have an interest in. He is not talking to someone that does not know BBT very well. Much better than anyone on this board.

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