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  • catch83sails catch83sails Apr 5, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Ads on TV

    I do not know how widespread it is, but just saw the GoRun ad on Golf Channel and saw a commercial earlier in the week featuring the lovely Mrs Burke, which featured a variety of styles.

    Might see an increase in ads planned for Q2 going into summer. Guess we will know during the cc if there is extra spend planned.

    Might be nothing, but I have not seen any ads in a while, so thought I would mention it.


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    • Thanks for all the replies. I am glad to see they have been running them on many different shows and networks. I mostly posted the info thinking it could be a heads up for the April to June quarterly spend since I had not seen any for a while, but if everyone has been seeing them all along it could have affects on this just completed quarter as well. I actually would have to go back and listen to the call to see if they had planned to increase ad spending, but glad they are trying to turn the ship via that method.

      Hope everyone has a nice Easter Holiday.

    • Hi Catch,

      I've been seeing SKX adds on NBC Sports during nhl broadcasts. GoRun and another one promoting casual styles and others. Call me nuts, but I think both look good. I'm getting interested in watching this again.

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      • Hi Car

        Hope all is well. Just hanging around on this end, but crappy golf game has actually gotten slightly better since I been on here less. Imagine that.

        As you probably have picked up on from reading the board, I kind of went the portland route and have resorted to trading this one, though I still hold a core, that is much reduced from a couple of years ago. I would hate for my life to depend on being able to figure out my actual cost average, LOL.

        Just info, as I know you will pick your own entry points, but I have the FTC fine in the back of my mind. I have not sold any May naked puts as yet, holding out for a possible overreaction if it is in line with expectations, hoping for better premiums. I know I might miss out on a trade trying to time it, but so be it, with earnings also in the mix for May options I am cautious. Once burned I guess, even though I know it could take off with an in line FTC fine just as easily as it could overreact downward.

        GL if you decide to move here, if I was not already in I suspect my interest would be higher. I will guess you have read the chart yourself, but this one shows you might be timing it right. Of course right while I am typing the post out, the jobs report looks like crap, so who knows.

        Have a good Easter weekend.

    • Saw the BB ad, too, the other day. I really like to wear my SKX. I hope they get back on track. (Hey, there might be a pun in there).

    • I saw the skechers dog racing skechers dog racing commercial too during the timeout break of an NBA game.

    • Thanks for the up-date I do like wearing Skechers

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