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  • catch83sails catch83sails Aug 13, 2012 7:18 AM Flag

    Meb's Olympic efforts

    I must admit I did not keep up with the Olympics very much and actually just this morning checked on Meb's efforts.

    Looks like he did not get much respect at the Olympics, but showed some serious heart and it resulted in a rather decent finish.

    I also notice he is the only US Marathoner that was not injured before the race was completed. Have to wonder what type shoes the other guys were wearing. Of course after the ShapeUps issues, I doubt they will make much of the fact Meb was at least able to complete the race wearing GoRuns.

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    • Not trying to be a pumper, but I just found this, IMO pretty good read if you own the stock. Let's hope they take the end results and gets some sales from them.

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      • So? Who cares Meb took fourth in the Olympic Marathon? How will that help sell shoes??

        It won't.

        Nike will win that battle with Galen Rupp taking second in the 10,000-meter and being coach by Alberto Salazar (that "ALL AMERICAN" winning formula that Nike will exploit). And then there are all the other Nike Team Oregon runners, from 800-meters all the way to 10,000-meters.

        I read that article that catch83 posted, and it is kinda full of it.

        That guy Rick Higgins better take a look again at his line of running shoes. I just looked on the Skechers web page and only saw 2 running shoes. TWO!! Sorry, Rick, but you better come up with at least another 6-8 shoes to be able to compete against ASICS, Nike, Saucony, Brooks, Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance, and others. And to see you have been working with Meb for 18 months and only have 2 “running shoes” out is pretty sad. Again, you should have more by now, if Skechers and you are serious. Doesn’t Skechers have any true distance runners working for them that Skechers management could seek their advice on what to do??????

        And Meb is full of it! ".....'I really got excited about Skechers' future in running and if I didn't feel I could train with Skechers GOrun and win races and run personal bests, I would not have signed with (them).'" Yeah, right. Meb was dropped by Nike and it appears to me no other company wanted to take the risk with him. Skechers did and kinda got rewarded with Meb's okay performance at NYC marathon and the trials. But only fourth at the Olympics will not sell shoes. Also, the late great running coach Arthur Lydiard said it best about not believe any athlete who endorses any shoes while receiving a check from that company.

        For you, Meb, if you happened to be reading this post, I have 2 things to say to you (wish it was in person):
        1) "In his first race in the Skechers GOrun shoe..." Excuse me, but Meb, I have to think it was a specially-made shoe rather than a stock shoe out of the Skechers warehouse. (Most athletes have their shoes specially-made, so to claim it was an actualy GOrun shoe off the shelves...)
        2) Meb, you said, "'I have made it a point to be a leader in the resurgence of American distance running....'" What a bunch of horse-beans!! It has been Nike, Alberto Salazar, and all the athletes with Team Oregon who has been helping bring the resurgence of American running. In the marathon, it has been Ryan Hall who has been pushing the envelop. Meb, your time best time is what, 2:09? Ryan hall's is like 2:04 (along with his American half-marathon of 59:43).
        So Meb, re-think about what you have been doing for America's resurgence in world distance running and you will see you are doing not that much when compared to others......

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