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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Jul 16, 1999 5:34 PM Flag

    SKX's trading pattern Friday, 7/16

    based on 603,400 shares volume which until Yahoo
    posts average volume, I can't make an "accurate"
    comparison. However, my good sense tells me today's volume is
    considerably higher than it's average volume. Of today's

    144,000 shares traded on the bid

    traded in the middle

    365,000 shares traded on the
    offer and the average price SKX shares traded at today
    was $ 6.957. There were 347 trades that averaged 1739
    shares per trade.

    SKX closed at 7 unchanged for
    the day on a last sale basis. The day's range was 6
    3/4 on the low to 7 1/16 on the high. The closing
    quote, at the bell, was 6 15/16 bid for 10,000 shares
    offered at 7 for 30,000 shares, however, a two late
    trades occured after the shutdown of the NYSE quotation
    system which I will describe below.

    I find it
    instructive that in the final moments of trading and reported
    after the bell so the quote couldn't change was the
    following trades:

    42,500 shares @ 7
    @ 7

    With at least 2 1/2 X more shares
    trading on the offering today, it's indicative of a large
    seller who simply left his sell order on the offer side
    allowing buyers to bid for his shares. The late trades
    that total 51,200 shares all @ 7 may turn out to be
    the cleanup from this seller/sellers. If my suspicion
    has well founded, then SKX shares should move up from
    here on Monday morning. We shall see.

    I hold to my contention that any buyers entering at
    these levels will be well rewarded.

    Have a great
    weekend to all.

    Pickle 007

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    • If your a day trader you might be able to use
      axe's volume data but you would need it real time.Axe
      says he looks at the volume data all the time but axe
      can't predict where SKX is headed although he used to
      try almost every day.As evidenced by the post linked
      below,axe doesn't have a clue where SKX is headed.And there
      are many other of the axe "special" posts that prove
      that point beyond a doubt.BTW,axe -- are you talking
      to yourself again?

    • Rewarded with what axe?

    • All I see happening here is this stock trying to
      form its first solid base. Really, you have to have a
      base, where investors are comfortable, before you can
      have any sustainable bounce. Only time will tell, but
      I beleive that this base is forming at 7. Seems
      that SKX bounces back to 7 whenever panicky sellers
      take less. I'm very comfortable being in. Like Pickle
      has said, there is much more chance of gains being
      made than losses. But, as always, you pay your money
      and take your chances...

      Good luck to longs!

    • Have to repeat "the stock just doesn't act
      right!" I have not seen in recent memory a stock not even
      try to bounce back after a steep decline--something
      is wrong here--

      They can sell all the shoes
      they want--the stock is saying something ain't kosher.

    • aways back, there was mention(Mangus)of a book
      value of 1.11.

      some do not agree...I found this
      little number

      Looks as though our friend may be set to

      Go baby, Go!!

    • forget it does not have spell check first-- sometimes DD does not support the DD- and it is TC595 on ABH board who originated

    • Just as you are pushing SKX- TC%(% used extensive
      exhaustive reasearch forensic research on abh to spearhead
      my massing buying over many months. Interest was
      enough to make feasible a new overlow site 95% devoted
      to ABH.
      Some of fruit of TC are being felt today.
      However other stocks can also be usefully explored on
      that site , and just a brief look see at your work
      suggests you may be helpful. However site has a more
      cautious culture and discourages pump and dumpings and
      gratuitious spamming- no implication intended.
      I support
      that site as I would to any stranger who provides info
      which leads me to profits. I do not forget excact
      personal tips such as those made by DMTKA, and would work
      tirelessly to support anything he undertakes because I would
      not have invested one penny in SCNI without his
      expert guidance. That is right, sometimes a person is
      "in the groove" on a stock, and even the DD does
      fully validate those intuitions.

    • anxiously await the opening of SKX today. It
      traded an enormous amount of shares just moments after
      the bell on Friday. I suspect it may have cleaned up
      the overhang that was laying on the 7 offer most of
      the afternoon. In two blocks of 42.5 K and 8.7 K,
      totaling 51,200 shares, that may have been just enough to
      do it. If I'm correct, it may start it's move upward
      this morning.

      Rememember, this is just
      suspicion and a hope on my part. We'll all know in the next
      15 to 20 minutes.

      Have a great day today to

      Pickle 007

    • Just returned from germany & albania. Most of the
      young women in town were wearing the high soled skecher
      type shoes. Just my observation. And happyhampolice,
      I'll take pickles spam any day. It's usually supported
      by excellent research and facts. It's not spam, its
      Prime Rib!! Try some.

    • Well, interesting comment on the shoes are on the
      hit list of kids schools. I have a president of a
      school board (second largest school district in
      Colorado) that works for me. Guess what it takes forever to
      get a dress code change and shoes (tennis shoes) are
      not on any hit list. The bulky cloths are being
      looked at carefully.

      Even in Colorado (home of
      Columbine) the move to control the dress of kids is
      extremely slow moving and hard to implement any change. Why
      (freeeeeeeeedddddddddoooooooommmmmmm). You don't take away freedom of choice because of
      a couple of lunatics.

      While I'm on the
      subject - did they ban knifes because of Charles Manson?
      Was there even talk of banning knives? NO

      The first step of tyranny and totalitarism in a
      country is to disarm the people. Guess what people their
      trying to disarm us.

      Enough - SKX is doing good
      in the stores here in Colorado and I'm in full time
      with my self directed IRA. Need this puppy to pop to
      at least 10.

      Good luck to all the traders of
      this stock.

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