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  • all_eggs_in_1_basket all_eggs_in_1_basket Aug 4, 1999 12:53 AM Flag

    Thanks for the info...this is not spam!

    As you are probably aware, you will more than
    likely be called numerous names etc. after presenting
    the previous information.
    Nice job.
    Anyway, I
    have seen this retailer but am reluctant to sink
    anything into them as I have been able to find games at
    large retailers (Toys 'R Us, TARGET, etc.) at better
    prices. Also, internet retailers are beginning to kick
    the box out from under even the 'big' guys. For
    example, OUTPOST.COM has lower prices on games and FREE
    Does this information sway your position? Or do think
    that most kids want to try the games out at 'Game
    Anyways - thanks for the post. Letting the other folks
    know what is coming up in your messages is not spam.
    There is always the choice not to read them.

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    • I wanted to get your opinion on ETV. I know at
      one time you had mentioned it, and may have had a
      position at one time. Its taken quite a beating over the
      last few months but the insider trading looks O.K. Any
      thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks,Twelveville

    • Ya know... the real pickle is right. You are a boil on the butt of this board.

      Please go somewhere else.


    • What was I thinking? I apologize to everyone for
      promoting this dog. Now IIIIIIIIIII, sorry, now I will have
      to sell a whole slug of this stock at the open.

      No cash
      Big huge soles bad for kids feet
      of outdated inventory
      Greenburg offspring
      Gear stigma
      Law suit on Marten's knockoffs
      class action suit

      Will I ever see my initial
      investment, in at 11, 7, 5, 3.5, too many slugs, straw hats,
      green apples, roaches, verim, I thought I was right as

      Ohhhhhh, the humanity!!!!!!!

      Just my take

    • Why don't you go peddle your silk flowers on the sidewalk in front of Michaels?

    • Given the history of this management team,I bet
      there are shoe styles that just will not move.Those
      styles with the very large soles probably piled up when
      the word came out that they were bad for kid's
      feet.They didn't have much cash last quarter

      I don't know what to make of the class action
      lawsuit but it's not going to help attract new
      shareholders like institutions.And perhaps that's why the
      covering brokers have not said much lately.I'm out.

    • The class action lawsuit alleges that the suit by
      Doc Martens against SKX was known about as a threat
      by the company before the IPO, and that the company
      should have disclosed it. I don't known what the status
      of the case between SKZX and doc is, but I don't
      think that is what killed this stock. It was other
      stuff that killed it, primarily: 1.) wall street's
      mistrust of the history of Greenburg and his kids; 2.) the
      LA Gear history; 3.)the way the IPO money was used;
      4.)the fact that the money was used to pay money to the
      Greenburg family trust (not easily discernible on the
      prospectus) and; 5.) the fact that the company appeared to
      have a bunch of dead inventory and distribution
      problems getting its shoes to businesses.

      I don't
      think the class action has any validity whatsover. All
      of the above stuff was information available to an
      investor who did his or her research. I unfortunately did
      not look closely enough, and am in at 11 for a
      thousand shares. But it's not Skecher's fault that Wall
      Street doesnt' trust them. I think the company will
      continue to make money and do well, but I don't know if
      this will ever be a good stock to own, perhaps because
      so many shares remain tied up (and will stay that
      way so long as the stock price is depressed)

      am not a sophisticated investor. I am just sort of
      rehashing my understanding of the information I have been
      reading on this board and in other publications, so
      please set me straight where I am wrong.

    • . . . is that it's illegal to shoot him.

    • Did you order the code red!!!

      Did you infact doubledown on this dog!!!
      I want the truth!!!!!!!!!!

    • amended with a "paste on" that explained the
      details of the pending suit. I'm sure if you either
      contact the company or their PR firm or either of Alex
      Brown and/or Prudential Securities you can find

      While I've not tried, I'm sure through Edgar, probably
      available on line, you can pull up the pages within the
      prospectus that will answer your questions for

      Somewhere in my office, I have a copy of the original
      prospectus but for the moment haven't been able to lay my
      hands on it.

      Have a nice day.


    • understand your use of the word 'Predictably', in
      the context you posted.

      I am assuming you were
      assuming a suit would be filed?

      BTW - the orginal
      Dr. Martens suit was quickly followed by SKX filing a
      suit of their own...stating that the claim of Dr.
      Martens to be 'Made in the UK' is not real as part of the
      upper linings for Dr. Martens boots and shoes are sewn
      in China (or something like that.)

      Anyway -
      purchased my first 500 shares before the 6/15 suit
      deadline...guess I'm involved with something I don't want to be
      involved with (I have purchased 1000 since 6/15)

      - to answer your last question...the Dr. Martens
      suit has not been settled (no information has ever
      been released either way). I can't imagine how a
      monitary amount can be determined for this new

      have a nice day

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