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  • axe_234 axe_234 Aug 6, 1999 5:17 PM Flag

    Killercohiba, I don't know but if you

    are a buyer like me, you've got to love

    Go back and review this message board from way back
    and when you do, review the "intelligent" posts. You
    may get a better feel than you have today.

    questioned why PSUN (Pacific Sunwear) was trading in the
    12's (prior to the 3 for 2 of recent) last December. I
    just bought it and today it's selling at 26 (really

    I questioned why JNY (Jones of NY) was selling at
    17 last October and today it's almost double

    I questioned why HOTT (Hot Topic) was selling at 13
    in January and I bought it and today it's more than
    double and has been higher.

    I could go on and on
    and on, but suffice it to say, I hope I made my

    Just my take.

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    • the same tune , different day . Thanks Pickle for
      the nostalgia . That was cool . The "small amount of
      time" I mentioned has lasted longer than I figured .
      And the price target has been re-thunk .$9-10 . But ,
      I think tax selling is playing its part in this
      market and the first of the year will be a better time
      to evaluate SKX's potential .
      I still maintain my
      position .
      At this level ( $3.50-4.50)I rate SKX a
      strong buy .
      Mr. Pickle , Up? or Down? from here?

    • been a long suffering supporter of SKX and the tenacity he has shown deserves respect.Different views are necessary to make a market for all of us.You can't call him a "rah rah" guy -- see link.

    • yet responded to my query. But if they responded to you and you sent your inquiry today, then it does indeed sound like they are moving to get the info in place for SKX.

    • If you go to the "Research Wizard" icon/feature
      in Microsoft Investor (, you will
      see a chart as you go through the steps.
      Interestingly, they value SKX using the industry's current
      multiple at $18.79, and $22.74, 1 and 2 years out,
      respectively. See for yourself.

    • Is anyone familiar with any types of restrictions
      as far as institutions owning IPOs? Is there a
      time/size/performance benchmark that large institutions use before
      buying into a newly traded company?

      the reason
      I'm asking is that our instit. ownership is less than
      1/2 of 1% with only Lord Abbett owning a somewhat
      significant stake. Without institutional investors, the stock
      price will have difficulty pulling out of this

      I would personally be much more
      comfortable knowing that there was a reason why institutions
      aren't buying.

    • Got an e-mail reply from Ron Franz of CSI who
      said the chart was added Monday but that it will take
      about a week for the history to update. Sounds like
      progress is being made. They obviously responded very
      quickly to the request from


    • high_alt_low_open_jumper high_alt_low_open_jumper Aug 10, 1999 2:05 PM Flag

      i bought in again this am @ 1.03. this thing is on fire. but of course as we know all fires burn themselves out at some point. i hope to be gone just as the embers begin to cool.


    • I could not agree with you more about the
      prospects for SYCD in the short run ... my two boys (ages 3
      and 7) are absolutely NUTS about ANYTHING having to
      do with POKEMON ... the hot item lately has been the
      trading cards! POKEMON "yellow" (to go along with red and
      blue versions) is coming out in October ... and orders
      for Christmas sales ?!?!? I can just

      Just bought 3K shares at 1.09 ... wish I would have
      bought yesterday ... will buy more if it continues to
      look good.

      Good Luck!

    • SIMU and I must confess, I don't buy BB (Bulletin
      Board) stocks, and wouold especially have no interest in
      a stock that was recently delisted from NASDAQ
      small cap system for not meeting listing

      There is no profile on the SIMU board so I can't even
      take a peek at what the company is all about and what
      their financials look like.

      I'm sorry I'm no
      help to you and I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to

      Just my take.


    • I made the same request of Yahoo last week. I got
      back a form e-mail stating that their "resources to
      add new stock boards" was limited, but that they
      would look into my request.

      Personally, I don't
      understand the problem. However, I will e-mail Maybe we'll have some luck.


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