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  • qtang qtang Jan 23, 2001 2:06 PM Flag

    My 2 cents

    What drive a stock?.
    My answer is simple.....fundamentals of the company.

    If you think that they are well diversified and have potential to grow. Then, why worry about all these posts from people who want to short. These are just a blimp.

    Look at the big picture........Typically, after a huge runup...I will re-examine the fundamentals....What will sustain the growth and room to grow. I feel that they have potential do all these things. So, I am hanging on. Plus, hopefully some help from the FED.

    But, for those who thinks that they are overbought, pricey and other reasons. You are welcome to do what you like to do. This is still a free country right?.

    Please do your homework and don't depend too much on all these self pro-claimed experts. Even the pros, (I feel) are behind the curve most of time.


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    • Carl thanks for the compliment. I actually don't have a profession, I'm a college sophomore working towards a chemical engineering degree.

      By the way, I ordered a pair of Skechers sneakers off the website and was told they'd arrive about 10 days later. They arrived 20 days later accompanied with a note apologizing for the delay and saying the they were experiencing heavy demand and had trouble getting all their orders filled in a timely manner.

    • As a matter of fact Mr. Deh, the posters on this board (before the recent runup) have demonstrated a certain level of intelligence and investing savy. As for Noble prize winners in physics - they are solving the world's problems - they don't have time to research stocks - and write messages on this board. I have a Ph.D. in molecular biology, as well as a J.D., myself. My Business Associations teacher in 1992 in law school told us ONE remarkable company to invest in - it was HDI! Go look at that chart! You see why I am smiling to this day. Eddie is a successful businessman in a profitable business - just look at the shoe earnings and stocks! The others like Lu are very well spoken, although I don't know their respective professions. I suggest that you go back and read the posts before you get too silly with these posts.



    • A lot a shorts have come out of the woodwork, haven't they?? I hope the board doesn't deteriorate but I think it's already there. Too bad. I may watch from the sidelines and keep my commentary to myself but I'll be here holding on to my SKX.

    • DR. i am glad i made you laugh. i really mean that. i feel 2 things institutions bought to look for a hedge and yes b/c the stock does have some good #'s but the institutional buying took place over the past 3 months when the market was getting slammed. institutional buying was up 20% from the prior qtr. look i will not argue the fact that this company has good #'s but and i do say "BUT" the stock is overbought and i am short i highly doubt you will see that # continue into this qtr. which leaves the avg. joe to support this stock. good luck!!! and as of right now i do not think that institutions have begun to sell block trades on the stock today were only 6-7% of the volume today so watch out when we are in the teens that # will be much , much , higher.

    • When I read your message, I had a good laugh. Thank you. If you really think institutions bought SKX to park their money, instead of for the earnings and sales growth, well you are obviously in the wrong business. If that was the case, why aren't institutions dumping SKX at today's current selling price? The answer is simple, institutions are smart. As far as lower interest rates, that will only help SKX margins. 2001 is SKX year. Just you wait and see. By the way, I had a checkup last week and everything is fine. Thank you for your concern.

    • are you for real? while it is true that institutions drive the market, inst. buyibg is up over 20% the past couple of months and the only reason that occured is most inst. were looking for a place to park their $$$$$ i.e. a boring shoe you honestly think that inst. will continue to buy? ho ho i do not think so. besides you said that greenspan was lowering rates next week if they are cut by a half point what do you think the inst. will buy? SKX i do not think so try all the still beaten up tech darlings like sunw or intc,amat,etc. you get my point. DR. I THINK THAT IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO HAVE A CHECKUP!!!!!

    • With all the recent institutional buying of SKX, and since institutions drive the market, SKX upside is far greater than it's downside.
      Like I stated before and I will state again, 2001 is SKX year.

    • well where should i begin THE NEWS IS ALREADY OUT!!!! what more are they going to say on earnings that hasn't already been said? as far as p/e's go look at it's other competitors p/e's TBL for example is 24-25 i was just short that stock at 71-73 i covered at 62 the bottom line here is this stock will go back into the teens before it will be anywhere near 30. sorry that is my opinion happy shorting to me!

    • Why would you want to short SKX right before earnings are announced and the FED is going to lower interest rates. The fact that it made a big jump the past few weeks is indication that the stock was undervalued. Even with the current P/E of 22, with the expected growth of SKX, the stock is still severly undervalued at today's selling price. 30 will come soon. Just need a week or two for the stock to take a breather before it starts it's move to break a new 52 week high. 30 is very realistic. At 30 the P/E should be 29.53 which is still low considering the growth of 40-50% for 2001.
      2001 IS SKX YEAR!!!

    • my appologies you are right TECHNICALLY the support should be at 17 and if it goes through that 15 so i only make 5 and change on the way down i am not saying that the stock is going to 10. nonetheless imo i will in and out of skx and you know what when it is at 15-17 i might actually turn around and then go long but in the mean time happy shorting to me

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