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  • Harus Harus Aug 16, 2002 7:53 AM Flag

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    I followed Fonr only reccently. Did Fonar have successful product like SUMRI in the past then disapointment hits or they had a promising product that never got orders ?

    I tried searching Fonar's past, can't find any successful product past 5 years. Good machines never got sales.

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    • Ledlight99 how could you anticipate that Fonar was going to become profitable for the last few years if they were not selling anything? They have hardly sold anything since their pattents were infringed upon and the MRI market stolen from them. They could have posted a profit when they collected all the cash from the lawsuit settlements but they used that money for R & D to develop the SUMRI and the OR360 MRI. As far as I am concerned the money spent on R & D is going to pay off for all of us. They now have a revolutionary SUMRI and all the pattents that go with it. Which big company will dare to infringe on these pattents? I am willing to bet none of them will. Your prior expectations of them becoming profitable are clearly unrealistic. However, now that they are producing and selling the SUMRI it would not be unreasonable at this point to expect to see profits in the next 12 to 24 months.

      Harus they di have a successful product, it is called the original MRI. They were actually selling them. The big companies like GE infringed on the pattents and took over the market. Fonar filed lawsuits and after winning against GE the other companies made settelements out of court. There are other posters here that can provide you better details about that whole situation.

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