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  • stevenmichael222 stevenmichael222 Feb 6, 2013 12:36 AM Flag

    After Hours--Special Report!!!

    Great information!!! Just received the e-mail:

    How are SPAM® products made?

    At first glance, one might assume SPAM® products are produced through magic. But it’s actually a relatively simple, conventional process.

    First, the pork and ham are pre-ground.
    Then, salt, sugar and the rest of the ingredients are added and mixed for 20 minutes, to reach the desired temperature.
    From there, the mixture is moved over to the canning line, where it’s filled into the familiar metal cans, 12 ounces at a time.
    Once filled, cans are conveyed to a closing machine where lids are applied through vacuum-sealing.
    Next, the cans are cooked and cooled for about three hours. At this point they’re nearly ready for enjoyment.
    But the cans can’t leave naked. Labels are applied and then they’re off to be cased, where they await distribution.

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