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  • levinmark levinmark Sep 20, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

    Just made a ship load on impulse sellers. Lmao

    You don't sell this stock now- you make money on the flip ! Stupid day traders

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    • Just bought $FREE, newbie investor, what is a flip and at what price, bought in at .43 would like to make some cash, but not greedy.....

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      • Dbanuli- the flip is when day traders/small investors make an impulsive sale of stock usually as a defensive reaction to either poor news, largely misunderstood price swings of the stock, or simply, to lock in profits and move to another flavor of the week. This perfect storm, the flip- is when the ask and the bid are moving downward perfectly that the stock becomes a fantastic rebuy for any investor who has done their DD. sometimes, the day traders/small investors have a great reason to dump a stock. But in this case, FREE was being bought by large institutions, hedge funds at large bids all day. The ask kept dropping by smaller investors giving many of us the re-up at .42 (I got .43). I bought so much on Thursday and the again on Friday all thanks to a few knuckleheads on this site too- (look at them give me a thumbs down below for my guarantee the stock would end at .48! i said that at 12 PM just studying the huge buyer blocks. a small incesotr couldnt possibly be putting those bid orders in. And yes, it ended up at where? .48 the Flip is the smart investors dream. It's like the movie Trading places - when OJ drops so low due to massive sell off - then they started buying it to make more profit.
        Enjoy this ride. I firmly agree with another investor here who claimed .61 -.70 is the critical mass for just how special this might be. Hope that helps explain what happens and why one calls it "flip". (The massive selloff usually impulsive and sometimes misinformed that it enables others to secure the stocks right at the time for very large profits)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • they went to buy EXMCQ

    • Back up to.48 soon - as the flip continues

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