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  • lights0n19999 lights0n19999 Oct 25, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    looks like WILBUR ROSS is increasing his stake


    stock is headed to 1.25 technically.

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    • We shouldn't miss the forest for the trees here either... someone with money is showing a keen interest in FREE, Wilbur Ross or not. The longs here, including me, are looking for a comeback, so to say. FREE used to trade for hundreds of dollars per share. I have no idea what their fundamentals were like back then, but "what if" whoever has taken up a stake in FREE is willing and able to dedicate whatever resources are needed to get them back into that sort of shape? Management is obviously capable, as they've already showed success in the past... they're just in a bad way right now.

      It's speculation until it happens, but isn't that what we do as traders? I respect audio's opinion, though I find his delivery over the top and completely uncouth. I probably shouldn't single him out, but he seems to be the torch-bearer around here for the bears. I think they believe these attempts to turn FREE around will ultimately fail, but surely they see that there's big money to be made even if that happens. You can have a long-term bearish outlook and still make money buying low and selling high in the short term. And hey, if you wind up being wrong, you make even more money... win win.

      I guess my main point here is that when smart and capable people like FREE management are given resources, great things can happen. Their future is still very much up in the air but I, for one, am optimistic.

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      • yessssssssssssss BDI up

      • Well put (except the Audio part ... don't bother, he's not worth it). Every naysayer is blah blah this and blah blah that, and they THINK everyone other than them doesn't know a thing about the sector, all the while missing the entire point: FREE doesn't have to be great. FREE doesn't even have to be GOOD. Not for us to make a lot of money off of it. FREE just HAS TO BE BETTER than it has been, and YOU'D HAVE TO BE A FLAMING IDIOT to not see that they ARE! That's the whole point of this trade ... you're buying a stock that is EVEN NOW priced barely over BK prices. If it doesn't GO BK it'll be back to $3 or more in a fairly short period of time. Eat a d,i,c,k with those eggs, Audio!

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      • "FREE used to trade for hundreds of dollars per share."

        Oh, look, ANOTHER lying pumper. You don't know the fundamentals, that's for certain, and you don't know what they USED TO TRADE AT EITHER.

    • It's one of those weird street things. It seems very speculative (and it IS), and it even seems somewhat silly (like he would mess around with a company like FreeSeas), but I HAVE read and heard about it from multiple sources, both online and off. Just rumors online, at first, and then from guys I know in real life who still work in the markets, and who may or may not have read it online. The bottom-line is that it's a rumor. But it's a rumor that would KIND OF make sense (and I'm sure there are plenty who would argue that point). It doesn't really matter for me, at this point, because I've bought all I'm going to buy, and I'm long (barring typhoons, tsunamis, and asteroid strikes), so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this particular stock story unfolds. GLTA and have a good weekend.

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    • Haha, he didn't buy any as far as anyone knows. I did read he is attracted to investing in struggling companies but nobody thinks he will invest in FREE. Unless he actually does at some point, until then he has not. Would be cool if he did though!

    • link anything ?

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