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  • captainababynuggets captainababynuggets Nov 5, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Crede is a death spiral financier...always have been.

    Any bump in price within the exercise period, and they will sell. That is what they do, it's what they have always done. Crede means we are being diluted out of desperation for working capital.

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    • captainaba,
      I have strong doubts that you know any of what you are talking about. Show any evidences to backup your claim.
      If you want to buy FREE, you are free to buy with your own money. If you want to sell short, go right ahead.
      I doubled FREE today at 38 cents each. I have CREDE as an insurance. FREE won't go down anything too far below 40 cents. With debt reduction arangement for FreeSeas, CREDE means to get at least 10 fold if not 100 fold, not a nickle and dime profit like you captinaba suggest.
      Is it a dilution? Oh sure yes. But the market cap will be around 12 million instead of 2. Is it a bad dilution? No, it actually is a good one. It gives what FreeSeas needs, a guarantee that the co is not going to go belly up. With BDI moving up again, .....


    • I don't mean to be rude or mean, but you guys have to know that most of us who come to these boards who actually do this for a living feel like we're surrounded by Pygmy Marmosets. Crede could've structured another deal with FREE in virtually a zillion different ways, including the way they did it to purchase their debt, but they didn't in this case. Has it even occurred to you that the reason is because they have reason to believe that their shares will be worth a lot more than .40, .52 or .65 in the future? Especially the .52's. Why in the name of Shrek would they agree to purchase shares for .52 3 months from now unless they weren't expecting at least a double or triple? This is what they do. You're right in that. And they're very good at it. If they invested in a company instead of doing the typical toxic financing deal, you can be pretty much 100% sure that they're 100% sure its share price is going up, and not just by a little bit. But, I lie. I'm just a pumper. I'm probably typing this from a jail cell somewhere. I probably have horns on my head. Do what you want. It's not going to matter, anyway. There's are thousands and thousands of investors who will pour huge amounts of money into this company. And there's not a dang thing you can do about it.

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      • 3 Replies to omnedeusexmachina
      • In BIG @ .31 pre R/S
        This board is a "HOOT" to follow-thanks for the laughter-the occasional information and the continual 'murdering' of the English language.
        Hanging on and in for the ride!

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      • I agree. Why on earth would Crede invest if the PPS wouldn't go up. I'm no financial expert by any means and admit to not fully understand all the 6k filings, but what Crede did seems to speak logic. First dilute and force PPS down, afterwards immediately buy at these forced discounts because it's an almost guarantee the price will go up. All we need to do is follow Crede. Wise traders made already money during the last weeks buying below 0.40 and sell above. Longs at higher PPS averages will also be rewarded in the long run.

      • There's nothing wrong with being a pumping fibber as long as you're correct about the end result=$$$$

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