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  • fasttruk fasttruk Nov 25, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    Game over omne

    everyone take a look this

    Nov 21, 2013 7:23 AM by dr_dd_hyper

    Now go inside and check it out. Omne forgot he was using his new allias (ringer) and wrote back to doc lol

    you are busted again omne. You should try a new allias and go to a new board.

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    • Omne, this is for you. The reason why you get the responses you do is because you are using this board as some sort of confession or shrink session. We don't need to know that you drank a 6-pack of hard cider one night, or that you take Prozac and Xanax. You're feeding the lions here and they're just having a blast jumping all over you. Anyway, looks like pre-RS, FREE is below $0.30 again. You never know here. The price could go back down to $0.20 then they'll do another dilution raise, then reverse split, then sink, then another raise, etc... FREE has a pretty bad rap list now. On the other hand, with an increasing BDI, if they could get the darn ships running again, they will do great. But they have to get the ships in the water.

    • What a bunch of drama. Keep your private issues somewhere else, people. With all respect, this is to discuss FREE, not personal relationships.

    • Nov22 I mentioned that after picking up on not only his erratic thoughts, lies,& grandiosity, but also his pleading for people to stay in FREE & rapid exit using a lie when he knew the financials as anybody who had assisted a fund manager would. He showed no concern for his followers. Ringer,et al, suddenly appeared stoned. Looked like he or his puppeteer tried to trigger a sell-off which did start, but not as low as they wanted it to go. He's definitely not fit to lead/ guide people. He's a wanna-be who never wiil be. I never read all the posts due to lack of time. He's lost all credibility with me. It's sad that he might look like a Victim to the newcomers until they figure it out. I never lost $ due to him because I never listened to him. Did appreciate some shipping facts from Audio & him. He(Ringer,etc,) should leave before he causes more novices to lose $. But, he doesn't care. It was nice to hear from new, more mature people the last few days. Humor without vulgarity is great. If you want to investigate more, his buds are on SA(Rangley Capital & Mintzmeyerer). He might know Alexis, Ion's brother, who was involved in theater. Sickness/ meds are no excuse for what he's done to people. After what I've seen here, I'll NEVER go with a fund. Came here to share & learn. See why people left. P S -You have to cut & paste- it didn't all show.

    • Fasttruk, you originally came to this board to "warn" people about what a liar I was when I admitted that I owned fewer shares of CERP than I actually did. Even though I feel I did the right thing in admitting to the people of that board what I'd done and why, and I've never gone back to bash CERP on that board, I still considered that you might have just been doing it our of genuine concern for others. Now you're targeting me for all sorts of things. You've accused me of having multiple aliases (I don't ... to be clear, on Yahoo, this is my only name, on Stock Twits I use Omnesion, and on SA I use Omne ... all variants of omne). I have NO other aliases, nor do I have the time to engage in these childish games. When I sold my shares of FREE, I gave my reasons, reiterated that I was not bashing the company or stock, reiterated that I still thought it would be a good long-term play, but that recent events made it incompatible with my investment and trading strategy. I had surgery to remove a (as it turns out) benign tumor on Thursday, and you've made fun of that. I'm tired and still on meds for the surgery, so let me just cut to the chase: You're clearly NOT a nice person, and you're obviously NOT doing all of this to inform others about me. You are, as I suspected, just another of many childish posters on these boards who want to start things, care little about whether you make money or not, enjoy the drama on these boards far more than actually doing DD and investing or trading stocks, and are just generally an all around punk. If that's who you want people to think you are, far be it from me to try to stop you, but know that I know who you really are, and beyond that, I simply don't care about this nonsense. Grow up, be an adult, learn to invest/trade, and make some money.

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      • I have a few minutes now to point out the fact that you are in fact a liar. Here you are saying that I was making fun of your health, which in fact is a lie and you can not prove to anyone that I have ever made fun of your health. Since you know me so well why don't you think about the fact that I am in the health industry regarless of my specialty. If you look at the initials of my name, David (real name) and the fake last name I am pretty sure that you can figure out who I really am and what I do for a living. No one needs to know and I have never told anyone here what I do for a living because I would not want anyone to take my advise on health stocks based on my proffesion.

        p.s. you are bipolar

      • Never have I made fun of your health. I did not even know you had surgery of any kind. No time right now I will answer to your post better later.

      • Omne, I don't know who you are and I'm new to this board but I can say that there is a lot of drama. I'm on here to listen to you all and hopefully learn some things since I'm new to trading but honestly I get sick and tired of reading just a bunch of #$%$. I actually miss your words of wisdom relating to Free and to many others that you have commented on. As I got bashed the other day for saying something that someone thought was stupid, I can see why you no longer make comments. All I can say is that if people truly care about the price going up then stop selling your shares at such a low price. It's all about supply and demand. If we demand a higher price, a buyer will be willing to pay for it and in the value of the company.

        I don't think I'm going to be on here the rest of the week since this is a short week, although I do want to want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and may your stomachs be full and may you have many blessings to be thankful for.

        Sentiment: Hold

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