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  • islandminister islandminister Feb 14, 2008 7:25 PM Flag

    Who would sell here?

    I hadn't heard of this stock or company until two days ago when it fell off a cliff and I saw it on Nasdaq's Most Active 'Declined' List. Since then, I've listened to the conference call, learned of the potential U.K. and Wal-Mart revenues, and watched Punk upgrade (which you would swear was a downgrade watching the price action today). I've read every post here since the conferenced call (whether they be intelligent or, to coin a phrase from Mr. T, Jibber Jabber). I know the NC-Stat was the backbone (no pun intended) of this company, but isn't the selloff a tad overboard, given the other assets and possibility that they could still re-vote or re-code (re-something the NC-Stat) in June? I also read that this stock can not be shorted because of Reg-Sho something or other.

    Also, I noticed Neurometrix pays a dividend- or at least paid two in April- anyone know if they'll still pay again in a couple of months?

    Thanks for any input!

    In case you're wondering, I bought at $4.75 Tuesday and a bit more today at $3.74

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    • This company was grasping at straws two years ago right before the implosion.

      They brought on PSS as a distrubutor to milk the remaining doctors who didn't succumb to the high pressure sales tactics.

      Nuro wringed out every account they could from PSS and other select distributors until the new unit sales went flat,again. Then the company saw ther over-all volume sales slide.

      They dumped their distrubtors like a used Kleenex after the contract term was up, and then brought in a bunch of sub standard sales reps to replace the good ones who saw the hand writing on the wall.

      This product has reached its maximum potential. It happens with all products. This is what can happen with the one trick pony companies. I wouldn't bet my money on the new and improved NC-Stat, or the the eye-tel. Move on to the next hunch!

    • Not Fidelity or Integral.

    • Welcome to the GG house of pain you poor suffrin bastard! Caveat emptor. Do your research people have been calling the bottom of this POS company since it was in the mid 30s. How can this get worse? Let me count the ways (of course, everything is just my opinion, do the research yourself):
      1. Bet the farm on a company with 1 product the one product has real reimbursement problems
      2. Talk about new products in development since forever. Still just smoke
      3. International? Not without any research or channel. Havent heard anything other than lip service here either.
      4. Bought a company for stock, which Houdini couldnt have made disappear faster but probably a good move for nuro Eyetel folks must be in deep regret (panic) by now
      5. Walmart is known for giving suppliers those big fat margins
      6. No mention of the OIG investigation except on this board a while ago. Gotta wonder where thats going
      IMO this ones all dead cat, no bounce. I feel bad for the investors and (most) employees. But Ill admit Im loving the ride GGs on right now like a f@#$%^& greek tragedy

    • The answer is YOU!

      After a few more days in the $2-$3 range…

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