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  • helloworldwxyz helloworldwxyz Feb 25, 2008 12:19 PM Flag

    haha trading below book - - -

    I am no fan of management but this happens often. I ran yahoo screener and there are just over 1000 listed companies that have price to book ratio less than 1.

    This company has no debt and liabilities. There is a good change $2.50 would be the bottom.

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    • I think the important issue is not that NURO is selling under book value or even if it continued lower and somehow even was selling below cash value (I have seen that occur also), but, more importantly, NURO is incredibly oversold using any Technical Indicator. I cannot remember seeing a stock this oversold! I am sure it has occurred and I was wrong when I thought the selling would not continue on Friday and so far today, but when it turns and it always does, one will be happy to be long. So far, it has sadly only enabled me to lower my average costs by a few pennies......we need a day where the selling eventually dries up and NURO closes Green..........
      Good luck

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      • the problem is that oversold theory can only be applied when there is no fundamental CHANGE in the company, it's outlook, or profits... say watching the qqqq's as they go up and down... you KNOW in the longterm they will be oversold, and alternately, overbought... and will come back.

        the problem here (imo) is like saying "Well, I am company X and I make 100$ selling widget A"
        Ok, so my price bounces around 10$/share.

        and I also say "Well, I also make widget B which I can't really sell for much, and most of my money is selling widget A"

        And then, along comes some news that says "WEll, we aren't allowed to sell widget A anymore... All we have is Widget B"...

        and widget A accounted for 97% of revenue...

        now tell me how you can say that the company is oversold if their price drops 80%?

        I might buy, but waiting for capitulation first... I will know if when I see it.

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