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  • larry12110 larry12110 Aug 1, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

    Larry= Bitter loser

    $1.88 Don.

    Im honored to have my first yahoo finance arcnemisis. I get to be Batman and you can be GG and even have a german man women sidekick too.

    Lets just cut to the chase. I think you are right there is a good chance this stock will move up - better chance than it declining any further. Its prob a decent role of the dice to drop a few pennies and become one of the large shareholders of this oprphan stock.

    As an Investment don you cleary have this nailed as a pic. Good for you and good luck. Even if i was bitter towards nuro I still wouldnt mind making money ...with you.

    The other side of the coin is that Shai placed his genuis idea and career in the hands of a hustler and that destroyed the reputation of this tiny co. They are going to need to be purchased or rebranded. MD's (which I am not) do not forget easily. Billing fraud and all that crap does not sit well with already poor bussinemen.

    But like you said and you were correct again don...thats all in the past. Personally I think this is a great technology and cant wait till the next time I need this type of testing and can avoind an EMG and instead have the office secratary hook me up...

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