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  • jbruno4169 jbruno4169 Jul 28, 2011 5:32 PM Flag

    The dow Bum Spin Factory

    Point 1
    Advance is currently profitable?

    Did they invent some new accounting or a credit for overhead costs? Because if they have not where exactly does the overhead costs go? Is it some off the books accounting I have not heard of.

    Absolutely hilarious statement.

    The dow bum gives us daily updates on how many hits the DPN video gets.

    If the convention was so successful and the video is red hot, how come zero answers on pre orders?
    Believe me if their was a large response you know they would have released numbers.

    Couple of other notables:

    It was stated on the call that advance had lost customers.
    They are two months behind on DPN production / release and Advance conversion. Do to switching manufacturers from Canton, MA to china.
    Now that will be a quality product.
    They tried to slid through that they went up $5 per sensor.
    8-9 million cash by year end. So if they do not find a buyer they will be bankrupt by year end 2012

    Your right bum you will hear some news of course, this wont be until February now on DPN check.

    Todays news just confirms to me they are looking for a buyer. So my question is:

    Is anyone looking for a product that is not reimbursed, that is made now in china (this is the reason for the delay, they switched manufactures from canton, Ma to China)and has a reputation for screwing the customer....Then do I have a Company for you!

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