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  • beavertail_splash beavertail_splash Nov 20, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

    Institutional Buying Patern (a3ra4mv)

    I read this on the GALE board earlier today and thought it fits NURO's trading patterns as well.
    "Institutional buying pattern
    The buying pattern in GALE over the past week has been one of gradual institutional buying. There has been a sudden increase in share volume and the price trend has been to the upside. This is a microcap stock and any concentrated buying by a large institution will dramatically push up the shares. Therefore in order to avoid a huge price rise while they are accumulating, they sequence their buys. This is why there have been several days of high volume. They are accumulating shares and trying to avoid a large price dislocation. They buy, the price rises, then they stop and some profit taking occurs. Then on another day, they buy some more and the same pattern emerges. Today's volume is already close to 2x normal by 1 pm. The trend indicates a strongly positive bias. Look for additional high volume days over the next few weeks as these institutions accumulate shares to their targeted allocation goal. The technicals say this stock is going higher from here."

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    • Thank you beaver. I wrote earlier that diabetes is a major health problem in this country. Americans eat WAAY
      too many carbohydrates. There is sugar in everything. Ketchup is full of corn syrup, which has a higher glycemic index than pure sugar! Americans eat 200 million donuts per day, and they're made of refined white flour. Refined white flour and corn syrup both have a higher glycemic index than table sugar. Obese Americans are suffering from insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. NURO will be a growth stock in the months and years to come.

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      • I've switched to agave sweetner. I apparently doesn't effect one's glycemic index. Your right about the carbs, which when balanced are an important part of the diet however as people here have said we in America have ur food & agri industry to pervert our daily diet and the entire food industry is slow to respond to accountability unless fast food junkies demand better of them. China will not even accept GMO grains from the states anymore and they have a billion to feed.

      • Well what do you know. There is someone out there in the world who knows about the repercussions of sugar. Do you ever get the deer in the headlight look when you try to tell someone about the hazards of sugar? What makes me roll my eyes to kingdom come is a big fatso waddling around with a bottle of soda in his hand. Like duh. But most folks don't want to address their problem and would rather be disabled so they can continue to inhale nummy stuff. Pathetic.

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