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  • rwcva rwcva Feb 19, 1998 10:01 PM Flag

    There is no upside...

    Polo Ralph Lauren has past it's prime.
    Today's youth market is attracted by the offerings of J.Crew.
    Ask some one you know in college...they know someone who
    regularly gets and orders from the J. Crew catalog.
    Polo is now and always has been overpriced.
    It has long been possible to achieve the same preppy look
    by shopping from Land's End, L.L. Bean, and even J.C. Penney...
    yes...Penneys!!!! take a look in their mens departments.
    Of course their have always been those insecure consumers
    who must have that logo on the front. But their numbers
    have been decrerasing..NOT increasing.
    In other product what is HOT in toiletries...
    NOTHING from Ralph!!!!
    The paint is a joke...the high price sticker pops out like
    a ..WHAT??? $45. !!!! at Home Depot. Come on white
    paint is off-white paint. Amd I can can get all the trendy tips
    I need about painting on the HGTV cable channel.
    Martha Stewart is the HOT influence now in home furnishings;
    amd she did a damn foolish thing by linking up with K Mart!!!!
    No trendy home furnishings purchaser would even step foot in
    a K mart...Target or Home Depot yes...better still a Crate &
    Barrel.. To sum it all up...Ralph's era was from approx. 1972
    to 1990. I know, I bought lots of his sheets, towels, etc.
    And I still the outlet stores in Freeport, Maine, etc.
    But I am not buying his regular products amd I currently do
    not know anyone who is...SO, WHY do you guys think the stock is
    worth owning?

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    • As I said in message #94...
      I will be back to post in mid June.
      Meanwhile what are the kids wearing?
      Check out ANF

    • It's OK to throw a flame once in awile. I was just trying to bring
      some of the niceness out in charles. His KESE tip was a good one and I was sucking up to him, for everyone's sake, I might add!!!!! You think I am just self-serving??? NOOOOOO!

      I know that the Asian Market is just a fickled as the Afro-American market is. I know, they all know fakes...and are
      tooo proud to wear them. Here is a thought for you know what they call a telephone in CHINA....a MOTOROLA!!!
      That is the gernic name of the we call all tissues
      KLEENX???? wether they are Puffs or Scotties or Kleenx!!!
      I know MOT has gone south, price wise, but just think about the possibilities!!!!

      I am holding on to RL for awhile longer. Be interesting to see
      if that person who claimed to work for RL that posted a weekago was right about the $32. to $50. I know that wall street is putting on the pressure to Ralph to get the stock price up. I have not intensions of selling back to RL for $30!


    • first, I thought they only had guido's in south philly!!! Just a joke,
      ok, don't anybody jump on me!!! I grew up around there!!! Go FLYERS!!!

      If you are looking for a good little stock at a good price, check out BIOX. I have talked about it before. I am not
      saying anything more, other than, to be up front, I own
      about 1500 shares!


    • I have read some of the messages on IGEN board, and agree that this may be a winner.

      However, I do not know anything about this company and its products, do not feel comfortable enough to invest in it.

      Keep adding spices !

    • Here is a real tip/reward for you patient RL people (myself included)...IGEN - check it out!! Read some of the messages on the Yahoo board....has gone from 22 (steadily +, watched every day) less than two months near 40 today, and much upside still expected. We all need some spice in our lives, right. Now, if only I had the capital...

    • Hi,
      This is CK, posting under an alias.

      Anyway, Nance, you're right that it's a bit hypocritical to post a flame to you, gso, and others for getting off-topic and then post no relevant info myself--my apologies.

      I _can_ say this about RL: I have spent a total of 1.5 living in Hong Kong (I'm in CT now) and although the Asian Economic Contagion is far from over, there are about a half-dozen recognized brands in Hong Kong and China (in no order):

      . RL
      . Timberland
      . Nike
      . Prada/Gucci/Gaultier (I lump the European designers together)

      Even though affluence isn't exactly rampant in Hong Kong right now, Asia is undoubtedly THE growth market of the 21st century, and when consumers there start buying imported luxury goods they _will_ purchase these brands because:

      . They are _very_ widely recognized.
      . They have fanatic followers
      . They are widely counterfeited.

      You might think that this last point is a detriment to the growth of RL and others, but I look at it like the software industry looks at it: those are millions of dollars in sales that we _could_ be getting if anti-piracy measures were more effective.

      I'm actually wearing a pair of fake nikes (indistinguishable from the real thing) right now. I also bought home a cashmere polo cardigan for about $20 (US), and a couple dress shirts at $13 each. How many people in HK (and Asia more generally) are wearing the same fake goods as I type this? Millions. You wouldn't believe the demand.

      But the good news about the black market is that people _still know_ what's real and what's not. While my fake Polo and Nike stuff passes fine here in the states, People over in HK would take a 2 second glance at my shirt and declare it fake. They're distinguishing consumers--and if they _could_ afford the expensive stuff, then the _would_ buy it.

      ..i rambled,

    • Apologies. Meant reply to be for Nancy 196.

    • Steady up. Remember, everybody's got to be somewhere.

    • I see you have nothing better to do with you time but play with the tab key! Maybe you should think about warm fuzzy things.

      By the way, do you have anything relevant to add about this


    • relax and don't be so uptight. I've even got to MAYBE like Charles even though Nancy did in fact call him an A.. Hole or something to to that effect.
      Now that we know that you are policing our board I won't have to do it. But anyways friend we are glad to have you. Good investing to you and have a great weekend.

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