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  • xmetl_98 xmetl_98 Sep 16, 1998 8:43 AM Flag

    "...,hey usarccoman, you like wasting mo

    To the author of #471:

    Man oh man, it's
    no wonder there's so much "dusty money" just sitting
    out there rotting!

    Look pal, let's get some
    quick facts straight about what to do with the hole in
    the sinking boat, while your sitting in it ( and I'm
    really not trying to rattle, ya. Just open your eyes a
    little about REALITY)!

    You say you have a stock
    you feel "stuck with" that you bought @ $26, right.
    So now it's up to what, $23 and you bloke
    that"...,oh I guess I'll just sit and wait for this thing to
    mosey on up around $30 someday....,". "GET REAL"! At
    $23 your only down 13%, right. So look, you "slide"
    that $23 "across" to a "different holding" that you
    can research, that's twice more likely to go to the
    upside, than the jackass your riding now. Only you figure
    this one's down 20%. So, now when your waiting, you
    not only have "doubled" your chances of getting your
    money back "twice-as-fast", but you stand to make 7%
    "profit". All, while the other folks who were in your shoes
    are still bloking; "oh I guess I'll just sit here and
    maybe see if it at least hits 26"!

    I'm out of
    this place "for good"! Of all the widely diverse
    Message Boards I've been to, this is the first "Black
    Hole" I've ever stumbled on!


    Outta Here

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    • I hope you are right I need a lift soon I'm going down.

    • check upgrades. this will verify the upgrade

    • I spent a week, in Southwest with a close RL relative. I suggest to hold for long I'm getting in today

    • Checked the Yahoo news.
      BB Robertson Stephens brokerage upgraded this stock from
      LT Attractive to BUY today.

    • Are you upgrading the stock or is it a real thing from a
      brokerage Co.? Pls tell me who upgraded it.

    • Buy and Outperform!

    • There was a time when outlets were indeed
      discount outlets. Now, let's face it, they are are retail
      outlets, just another form of distribution. Prices are
      better, but no better than retailer's sale prices. It's
      not a bad way to add incremental revenue, liquidate
      some inventory, and maintain margins since the
      retailer is cut out of the equation.

      Nautica, just about every designer is quickly adding
      "outlets" in these "outlet" malls.

    • OT
      During the summer in the major department
      stores with
      a large pattern selection of sheets,
      comforters, towels,
      shower curtains, and other items for
      home decorating.

      Check out you regional
      department stores color calalog
      promotions. Now that the
      line has been on the shelves
      for about 8 weeks
      now, there is the seasonal price
      promotions being
      shown in 2 to 4 page placements in

      Prices similar to Ralph, and styling that includes
      surprise of items WITHOUT the "Tommy" written all

      An update, Polo Ralph Lauren is adding to their
      store lineup. By next year many markets will have
      to 5 Polo outlets within 100 miles.

      Years ago
      I had to drive over 100 miles to shop at a
      outlet. Now there are 5 within 100 miles of me.
      And on
      Nov 1 there will be ONE more!

    • RL is MUCH more than an apparel stock.....paint,
      furniture, home furnishings, sheets, towels, etc....(I cant
      say I have ever seen Tommy sheets) and I agree that
      that may be the reason it is not well liked, cuz most
      people dont think about that. I bet if it was recognized
      more for what it really does, maybe we could rally.
      And I also still maintain that it is stuck in a range
      of 21-28ish and this is a good area to make some
      short-term gains as it trades in this area. Until I see it
      break out of 31-32, I will not see this as a
      particularly good long term holder, but "dead money". Thoughts


    • I suspect in late October, but I haven't checked.
      If you like it for the long haul, spare yourself the
      agony of watching it every day!

      I made some
      comments earlier as to my opinion as to why its doing
      poorly. Just my opinion though.

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