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  • ckkmk ckkmk Dec 29, 1999 5:49 PM Flag

    rwcva: RL has gone somewhere....


    I sold at $30 and put my money to
    WORK. This
    stock is not going to go
    anywhere but, there are
    clothing companies
    like BFCI that have gone up 97% in
    the last
    3 months!!!!!!!!

    You have to look
    at the management and
    these premadonnas do not
    care because they
    (Ralphie) got his hundreds of
    millions up
    front off of those STUPID enough to buy
    his IPO.


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    • I was negative on RL 23 months ago.

      • 1 Reply to rwcva
      • and you deserve to gloat now. I am just glad that
        I only bought 120 shares of this stock and I never
        dollar costed down as I have been known to do. Anyhow,
        RL has not been a good investment thus far but I am
        still holding my 120 shares.

        Remember, RL is
        still making money and there are far worse investments
        out there. Sometimes it takes stocks years to get
        back to the earnings line, but eventually they always
        do. Right now I think that RL is behind the earnings
        line. However, as you have said, there are much better
        investments than RL.

        Even though you were correct 23
        months ago, just knowing that RL would be a poor
        investment doesn't make one rich. I hope that you also knew
        that DELL, MSFT, AOL, EMC, CSCO, ORCL, and SUNW (just
        to name a few big name tech stocks) would all get
        you many times your money in the past 23 months. I
        invested in all of these except CSCO and SUNW. I have not
        held them all 23 months but I am up quite a bit on all
        of them.

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