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  • hoperalot hoperalot Oct 29, 1999 4:18 PM Flag


    friends!!! This stock is so tired I sold this aft
    and took my loss. They don't even report "earnings"
    as scheduled--I have lost confidence. For those who
    are hanging on, you have my best wishes!! I hope you
    can wake TIER "management" in the future.

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    • right after earnings if the price doesn't go up
      at least $2 in the next week. Too many other good
      companies with PR and price appreciation out there to hang
      on to this dog. I mean look at the market today!!
      Even Unisys (UIS)went up $2+ today!!!

    • Hoperalot,

      I fully understand your reasons
      for exiting and I fully agree with your comment
      regarding the waking of Tier Management to PR necessities.
      However, I think you by leaving are missing the next big
      move by Tier. Now by that I dont even fool myself into
      thinking this is gonna return to the teens or twenties.
      But I can see a 4 to 5 dollar gain in the next three
      to four months.

      What do others

      Chief out.

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      • I'd love to see a gain in the short or long term,
        but I don't think the stock is headed anyhere but
        down from here.

        I suspect earnings are going
        to be disappointing. If an earnings shortfall pushes
        the stock below $5 watch out below -- it's no longer
        marginable by most brokers and it's no longer an "investment
        grade" stock under the guidelines of most institutional
        investors. Both things would cause a lot of sellside

        For the longer term, I don't have much hope. Tier is
        being sued by one of its largest former clients
        (Unisys), hasn't earned follow on work from its largest
        client (Humana) and hasn't won any new commerical work
        in more than a year. All of its new work is coming
        from the payment processing division. It may end up
        being profitable for Tier, but it's a whole new line of
        business and it's not the IT business that Tier claims to
        be in. Also, founders, members of management and
        consultants are continuing to stampede out the door looking
        for greener pastures.

        I've sold almost my
        entire position in Tier and hold a few shares in the
        hope that lighting may strike (an acquisition or big
        commercial contract award) so that I can end up even at the
        end of the day.

        Anyone else have any insight?

      • When are these earnings going to be reported? I
        agree with ChiefYn1 that TIER will probably go back to
        8-10 a share - with the big contracts underway, it
        would be hard to screw it up. But - I think the glory
        days are over, and it will just be a nice little $10
        stock for the next few years - just kind of drifting up
        with inflation.