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  • vjpj1110 vjpj1110 Apr 11, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Li-ion batteries disappointing

    Maybe not new news, but not good news (PR?) either:

    'Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:14pm EDT (Reuters) - Lithium-ion battery sales and performance have fallen far short of forecasts, and better technology is needed to improve their safety, battery experts told U.S. regulators on Thursday.

    Analysts projections of the market made in 2008 "were off by more than a factor of 10" when compared with actual market size in 2011, said Yet-Ming Chiang, a professor of materials science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    "This created a great deal of stress among those who manufacture batteries," he added. Some went out of
    business, mainly because the market for lithium-ion did not materialize.'

    Only excerpts above, look for the whole article on-line.

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    • However, lithium ion batteries are used in many many many many things these days. My drill has them, the grinder I am going to buy has them. The camcorder I just bought yesterday has one in it. The smoke detector they were selling on the radio at HD has a ten year lithium battery in it. The highly successful Hybrid cars have lith batts. The fire control system here at these apartments has li ion batts in it and the battery back up emergency lighting does too. The Chinese just purchased lithium mines in Canada and Nevada. They now own a 1/3 of the lithium resources in the world. Lithium is a valuable resource, it is just taking time to ramp up. This knee jerk, have it yesterday #$%$ that our Jackass President was spewing around was confusing to say the least. Lithium is not dead, it is just getting started. All those American companies that went out of business were not real companies but were fakes that banked on tax payer cashola and then closed the doors. Obama had to pay back the billion he used for his campaign, this is how they do it. However in the real world Lithium was not yet ready for the picking. WLC has set the right pace for production. Besides, we can always call it hectorite clay if we have to. Worth more that way anyway! LoL

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