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  • longterma longterma Mar 24, 2001 12:18 AM Flag

    just an observation

    Some of the comments on this company are very humorous.
    Best to take a look at their strategy rather than its current stock value before making a judgement. Look closely at all the acquisitions.
    Classic game of Hearts. Are they holding all clubs or not, I don't know, but if they pull it off.......

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    • Hmmmm, makes ya wonder how they stay in business.

    • Ha Ha Ha! No, but I thought putting up a name of a person that got the ax after 15 years would spark a response. Actually, it was a contest including MahrJ and MaxwellB but from what I am told, he had the most time at MKS before being shoved aside. (Hope nobody is offended)
      All the Die hard MKS'ers will be happy to know that yesterday was todayistheday's last dealing with MKSI stocks as I sold all my stocks last night (at a loss of course).
      Another layoff yesterday to pay ridiculously high undeserved salaries to a select few is a joke

    • Hey Ray, is that you?

    • You butt-Kissin' insider! Check out Younger's VP Klimm, making $193K PLUS a $200K bonus! This guy is a worthless piece of crap and is another justification that MKS doesn't care a bit about employees, just the buddy buddy system along with the idiots working for him!
      The Service department is a complete joke with a minimum 4 week tuonaround time if your lucky!
      Manufacturing is paranoid and most employees can't understand english let alone read final test procedures, along with the fact that MKS has absolutely no quality assurance(other than checking and blessing the one good unit engineering sends them!)
      "POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SPEND OTHER PEOPLE"S MONEY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We're down in the after hours so is my NVLS I kind of think this 'semi manuf going to benefit from the turnaround first rally' may have mostly played itself out. My TQNT has a lot further to go and it gets my inbred beagle tip of 2001 award. Good luck to all of you small cap tech deviants Im going back to doing what I do best - playing backgammon.

    • Ive been sniffin around, caught a rabbit yesterday ripped its throat out ha ha I may be a whiner but I never sell, Im still behind on my last ASTX purchase but its getting closer to break even. So where you bin you wanker, Man Utd gets knocked out of the Champions League and the only better news than that will be when you fall down the stairs and break your fucking neck. Moochie loves ya!

    • Stock go up, Company good. Stock go down, Company bad. Where are all the complaining ASTX shareholders now? Oh, sold out from margin calls? Couldn't actually wait more than 3 months to sell their "investment"? Swapped ASTX/MKSI for Lucent? Couldn't stand the wait? Well, MKSI is still a 25%+ grower w/ a p/e of 14 and a great balance sheet. Who do you think is gonna be right in the long run? Management with a ton of stock or whining flippers? So, now would be a good time to admit your mistake and buy it back. See you at $45+ in TIME. Well, maybe not you flippers.

    • Happy day

    • concur, wholeheartedly.

    • 1st let me start by saying that MKSI was a strong company before they went public. The fact is that since going public and making strategic mergers it has only made the company stronger and in the long run will be giving tham an edge that their competitors do not have. As far as the start up in Arizona ..while it wasn't a successful venture capital was merged back into the company wasn't a total loss. ..3rd far as employee cutbacks ad reduced work schedules ..this has been an MKS practice for several years to keep the company far as layoffs went ..every company at times when work is slow cleans house..if they didn't they couldn't remain a company that deliver's a high quality product. My opinion of the Peter Younger comments ..I think Peter has been very involoved with the mergers that are allowing MKSI to be a stronger company long term ..JMO ....

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