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  • EDWARD9640 EDWARD9640 Mar 10, 2007 5:44 PM Flag

    Does anyone here have any information.

    Algae is one of the biggest sleeper products out there. Seems to be a legitimate company. They are focused on only one product. Some of the companies try to put too much in their formula. It is hard to get good information concerning Algae because it is portrayed so negatively. My opinion is it is close to bacteria. There are many strains most are good, but the focus is on the negative ones. The potential may be a great opportunity to heal the World.

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    • READ THE 10K!!!!!

    • I take this product every morning on an empty stomach, and almost immediately, after ( 40 - 50 seconds) I feel great. I'm 74 years old and in pretty good health. Nevertheless, mornings can come with aches, maybe in the feet or who knows. After taking only 1 ounce of this liquid, every part of my old body feels like I did at 30. I was out of the product for 2 days once, and I really noticed a huge difference. I've heard that HIV patients, after taking 3 or 4 ounces per day can live a normal life. An expensive product but it works.

    • Why do you think is is one of the biggest "sleeper" products out there ? Algae based products have been available for many years albeit under the radar.

      To my knowledge, and I am not an expert on PAZ, but as I understand it, HEPI does not add anything else.

      There are not too many places for info about this company. The best is probably the Raging Bull board.

      Amigo Mike

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      • Thanks for the information. Nice to see that someone is monitoring this board. Algae is a sleeper because it has such a negative reputation to the general public. Yet, some strains such as Spirulina have been shown to have a broad healing effect on humans and animals. However, I have no idea what strain this company is promoting. I like the fact they are not adding herbs and other things like some other companies. If it works you would not need the other ingredients. I have experimented with several strains of Algae and it can be a complete food for very small fish. Take a look at the You Tube link below. I think it would be almost unbelievable if true, and I tend to give it some credibility. Make sure you look at part 2 also.