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  • EDWARD9640 EDWARD9640 Mar 14, 2007 3:20 PM Flag

    Does anyone here have any information.

    Thanks for the information. Nice to see that someone is monitoring this board. Algae is a sleeper because it has such a negative reputation to the general public. Yet, some strains such as Spirulina have been shown to have a broad healing effect on humans and animals. However, I have no idea what strain this company is promoting. I like the fact they are not adding herbs and other things like some other companies. If it works you would not need the other ingredients. I have experimented with several strains of Algae and it can be a complete food for very small fish. Take a look at the You Tube link below. I think it would be almost unbelievable if true, and I tend to give it some credibility. Make sure you look at part 2 also.

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    • Thanks Edward,
      I've been following this company for 2-3 years now so I'm well aware of the Fox news stories.

      HEPI has YEARS worth of anecdotal evidence of PAZ having a positive impact on certain cancers, stress recovery (ie. strenuous work out or chemo treatments), HIV, cholesterol, many swear by its antiviral possibilities (allergies, flu)etc, etc, etc .......

      I have also familiarized myself with Spirulina in the past and am aware of its properties. At present, HEPI does not specifically know what the active ingredients are in PAZ. They are however working with top scientists (one is Yale University) to identify the active ingredients ..... which then opens the doors to more opportunities. It is tough to make a deal when you can't tell the other party what's in it. It is possible the ingredients are a new strain of algae or a by product thereof. But that is speculation on my part.

      You must be fairly new to HEPI. The HIV story is real. Those 2 gentlemen swear by PAZ. HEPI completed a clinical trial in Cameroon last summer that showed much promise.

      The final results were released in January

      ..... and HEPI is about to start a clinical trial on cholesterol here in the US any day now.

      I would encourage you to read the Raging Bull board for the last couple months. There is plenty of info there.

      Amigo Mike