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  • ldk139 ldk139 Feb 3, 2011 1:49 AM Flag

    Analyst Simon Schafer upgrades ARMH to buy & raises price target

    Goldman analyst Simon Schafer reportedly upgraded ARMH to buy rating, and raised price target.

    Pleade verify the information and consult your adviser and do your research. Please do not be influenced by this posting. Trading stocks can be risky and may lose your money.

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    • Well, I'm sure the buy and hold is the best way. My AOL experience, ($2 Million profit if I had held), my Best Buy, Starbucks, and a few others. If all those were "buy and holds", I wouldn't even be posting here. With just a few stocks I'd have more wealth than needed. But with the anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies (now helped by XANAX), to buy and hold was impossible. But its nice to know there was a reason for my churning of my stock portfolio. And who knows, maybe I got a "gambling high" from losing more than winning.
      VEGAS is full of the same types. They win a fortune and then proceed to give it all back to the casino. We're all cut from different cloths. The older I get the more I realize it. For me, finally using stop loss and many times quick trading, I'm able to make profit. There are also "longs" that will hold a stock from single digits to double digits and sit and watch it fall to single digits...maybe doubling down as it fell, but it never came back. I guess that could also be seen as a dysfunctional trait. We all have to find a niche of investing where we feel more comfortable. With TURBO TAX and SCHWAB, my tax forms can be linked directly to my SCHWAB trading, and its downloaded into SCHEDULE D. If it weren't for that, day trading would be impossible. Chartists, day traders, short sellers, long term holds, and Billion transaction a second computers such as Goldman Sachs has, has changed the dynamics of the stock market drastically. GOOD LUCK...ARMH does sound like one of those needles in a hay stack. If I can control my GREED, perhaps I can buy some shares for LONG TERM while I day trade with others. Now that sounds like a plan.

    • Since we are making confessions------i am a long term holder = why ? i just got tired of paying the capital gains and the book keeping and it was very aggravating . The government loves you =they need the money traders supply them at tax time. Best of luck to everyone !

    • Well, I see it as different brain wiring. Some are republicans, some democrats,
      some day traders, some long term holders. As a long term trader, I can't just buy a stock and put it away. I continually have to watch it. And the computer then becomes a narcotic. We have charts, and by the second movements and message boards. Today on ARMH..I got in right early morning...I very quickly was up over $4K. Something told me to sell, but I read posts and it seemed "maybe this would be a good hold"..then it started dropping..I jumped in and out three times with my stop loss. If I had held at my last jump in..I'd be up that $4K again...and if I had kept to my and out during the first two hours...I'd have been free the rest of the day. If I can average $500 each a quick multiply that by 200 (trading days).That's an extra $100,000. And I don't just have one stock to be interested in, or have the ability to jump in...I have many.
      Tomorrow...I may jump in ARMH again..but this time when I feel I've made enough and I know around afternoon most stocks have "done their thing" and only stagnate or reverse....I'll be out...and ready for the next morning.
      Im much happier this way...I'm not happy holding...what makes me happy is being out of the market most of the day..My trading done during the first two hours. Its perfect for me. Its not a game...well, watching trends and volumes and upticks..its like chess. Where will my next move be. Each bit of profit is a victory. But the best thing for me, is being out of the Markets by 11am at the latest..and out of the markets till morning...
      Then I can sleep not caring what the markets do the next day..because I'm out and my funds are secure. Slowly I'm getting better at sticking with my trading plan.

    • It's a philosophical choice alright. To some people stocks are just a game and others it's a livelihood.

    • Its strange how it all worked out. I wound up on roads I never intended. I never got the great wealth (or fame, but there is still time)...but during a very strange journey, I wound up in Florida, worked then retired, in a beautiful development. Middle class, whatever that is...everything I need within two miles, including the most awesome gym for only $35 a month..and the beach 45 miles away..Theme parks the same...Every day I feel blessed and amazed. Nothing I ever planned on, but so nice.

    • I was up over 4K and very happy...put my stop loss in...I got out with at $ 80
      profit...its much better than looking at a $4K loss right now...some can do it..I can't anymore..I tried. Now I have my ARMH profits from yesterday plus lunch money and a movie..LOL....I figure if I can make a few hundred a day...
      over 220 trading days a year..just in the morning...that's good enough for me...GLTA>

    • Beach7, you will find out when you make a ton of money. than indeed you may not be interested on buying the MacMansion or a hard to maintain Ferrari... which is not good with all the potholes we got. Or even fancy clothes.

      In my case, I was dirt poor when I was young. Barely any food to eat and sometimes not even enough water to drink around. Eventually, I become what is called "successful". I can afford to eat and drink anything I want... except I can not. Otherwise, the blood pressure and cholesterol go up. That is the irony of life, at least in my case.

    • You may have just called the top..

    • LOL...I just got back in ARMH...and i'm GREEEEEEN...$$$$$$$ THANK YOU ALL.

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