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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Feb 13, 2011 5:36 AM Flag

    Beyond3d article

    Good link - I liked:

    In a way, that's a natural evolution of the Cortex-A15. But if we step back a little we see it's a monster: in theory we're talking per-clock performance higher than anything AMD has ever produced, and if it's true that the Cortex-A15 uses about 15-16 gates per pipeline stage (as ARM implies) then ARM could already hit clock speeds comparable to most x86 processors if implemented on the same process with the same design techniques. Even if it's based on ARM instead of x86 and optimised for power efficiency every step of the way, would something this big really make sense for smartphones? I'm not sure it would in the 20nm/14nm timeframe.

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    • After reading this factual account of arm's evolution , i
      came away with the feeling the eagle chip a-15 is up to the challenge of competing with intel's 86 chip. This would mean we maybe less than two years away from dancing in the desk top market space .--not up to armh --but it's very capable partners to supply the energy needed to wage a war of new ideas to catipult arm to that level of competition. it would appear do-able .

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