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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jan 31, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    This is like the German Army reaching Stalingrad.

    it is the peak of ARM penetration into what will soon be Intel territory. Intel, like the Soviet Army, is going to use BRUTE FORCE to slam ARM back. Intel will push and push until ARM Holdings is sitting in its bunker crying like a little Nazi to its girlfriend. Intel will pay no attention and indeed, it might be Samsung or others that make the final shot to kill off ARM but it was really suicide from the start for ARM. It was suicide to take on Intel leaving Intel no choice but to go into ARM territory.

    OK--you do not believe.
    Remember--there is NO way to make what Intel makes in its own fabs and match cost.
    Remember that all Intel phones will be compatible with and able to run current ANDROID software as well as most arm software. Intel though, will have its phones able to easily and seamlessly hook up to all PCS and Notebooks that run on X86 chips as CPUs.

    It is over--ARM is ROADKILL!

    Intel will not even sell in phones until early summer.
    ARM sold 1.2 billion chips into mobile trash this last quarter.

    It is truly amazing how stupid people are and how willing they are to spend huge money to simply show-off to friends. Of course no one needs two new phones a year but they are buying them so there you are.

    Intel will be there this summer and likely with a dozen or more phone makers this Christmas.
    The Upside for Intel is huge and the downside for ARM is even greater.
    ARMH is now priced as if there is NO competition and that is just far from the truth.

    Betting on some fat Brits too beat Intel is like betting on the Brits to win the World Cup.
    It is a sure loser year in year out.

    ARM is so shocked that it is winning this short time that it is laughing and celebrating at the same time that Intel is making the chips that will crush ARM in the next 24 months. It is sad and funny. Sad if you are an Arm shareholder and funny if you are short the PIG!

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