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  • pcs3gnow pcs3gnow Feb 2, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    QCOM and AAPL are part of ARMH world!

    For those shorting ARMH, do you honestly think QCOM and AAPL are going to abandon their current success with ARMH. Apple and Qualcomm have designed their future growth based on ARMH platform. These two companies spend multi-billion $$$ on ARMH designed chips. Do you honestly think Intel can convince these two giants to throw away billions they've invested in ARMH research and design? Don't think so. Intel Medfield will go into a cheap smartphone that will be in used in a third world country. Profit margin will be so minimal that it will hurt Intel's bottomline. Intel should be busy protecting their fat server profit margin. Intel will realize that their profit margin is going to get slashed when Medfield chips can not penetrate into iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy products. It will be a very expensive learning experience for Intel.

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    • It is you who doesn't get it. We know that medfield has the same base CPU as the rest of the Atom line so we can look at the real world performance in benchmarks such as geekbench.

      Even ignoring 28/32 there will be phones in the shops in the next few months that will beat medfield in single threaded benchmarks. When the A15 arrives, medfield will look very poor (CPU performance). How do we know this? The ipc improvement over the A9 is 40% and it will be clocked higher.

    • gregory.lynn Feb 2, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

      Pay attention pal, ARMH isn't going away, however due to extremely powerful competition, the stock price will correct.

      The exponential growth has slowed down for ARM, and will slow even more when they no longer control 99% of the mobile CPU market.

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