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  • intc_inside intc_inside Apr 10, 2013 1:09 PM Flag


    Suck on this!

    lackeygarrett • Apr 16, 2012 8:52 PM Flag

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    ARMH's stock price has been priced to perception ever since it hit $30+, while trading in a channel between 23 and 30 since then.

    Currently my model has fair value for ARMH at $21. As you know I've been dollar cost averaging in monthly to ARMH(Y) since 2003, with 2012 being my last year for purchases. As previously posted, my investments in ARMH for the year 2012 will be made in 2 seperate purchases - the 1st the 3rd week of June & the 2nd the 3rd week of Sept. I will begin selling those shares commencing in January 2015 in the same manner I purchased them, only in reverse.

    What has happened to ARMH's share price to elevated levels are traced simply to it being the "story stock" for mobile computing devices and the corresponding institutional investments. Not to mention all the press with ARM linked to Intel in journalists articles and the success of Apple's products. Throw in MSFT's adoption of the ARM Architecture and you have the makings of one hell of a story stock.

    Nothing has changed with ARM's business model since inception and ARM will remain viable as long as the CMOS technology is viable - plain and simple.

    ARM has put their focus on engaging the ENTIRE SEMICONDUCTOR MARKET as their TAM, using their ecosystem partners as the vehicle for innovation. The recently announced BIG/little endeavor will be the catalyst into new markets, both BIG ( servers) and LITTLE ( The Internet of Things - embedded).

    As more and more companies go fabless, the reliance on foundries for ARM's physical IP (included in all SoC's @ 28nm & lower ) effectively increases ARM's royalty rates by 50%.

    ARMH has always been a long term story with a unique business model and with the semiconductor space consolidating onto the ARM Architecture, ARM the company, has turned into the closest thing any investor can find to a " legal Ponzi scheme".

    It justs

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    • intc inside--you really are an idiot-this post which i read the day it was posted simply gives you LG's tactic to make a lot of money with ARMH. The earnings based on royalties and licenses are jut ramping up and the last earnings report confirmed that by stating that for the first time R&L paid more from the INTERNET OF THINGS than from the phones. 2015 or beyond sounds like the right time to be ramping out perhaps-just as LG states. Oh you conveniently forgot to mention the "legal" qualifier in "legal ponzi scheme" I know what he meant-you just are using it to promote your short agenda. welcome to losing money-twit. I've been in Armh since $6 and have already pulled my investment and 4 TIMES MY INVESTMENT IN PROFIT. AND I HAVE THAT MUCH STILL IN BEING THE HOUSE'S MONEY. I trade around the core (which is back in my pocket) and Armh's SP would have to go to NEGATIVE 8 FOR ME TO LOSE MONEY. SO SUCK ON THAT--TWIT.

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