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  • khitchdee khitchdee Jun 1, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

    Haswell hype, Merrifield mist, Baytrial BS

    Haswell is doomed to failure with the fading PC market and the inability of Microsoft to provide a usable tablet experience. Merrifield is going to sell a few million units in Intel reference designs through operators like Orange only to obsoleted soon after by Apple's A7. Baytrail is going to beg Samsung to replace Exynos in their flagship tablets. Beyond that its going to join Merrifield and Intel's reference designs. If you cut through the hype, there not much change here, it's business as usual.

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    • I read that 38% of all PCs are still on XP which will be without Microsoft support in April 2014.

      From Computer Weekly:

      "According to Kevin Beadon, head of workspace & mobility at GlassHouse Technologies,the next two months will be a tipping point for businesses that need to migrate applications.

      “Those that fail to implement a migration or contingency plan over the next couple of months will risk not being able to move their applications in time and come next April’s cut off point, may face compliance issues,” warned Beadon.

      "Companies need to guarantee that they are keeping pace and adapting their workplace to suit legalisation requirements and new IT environments, experts said.

      “This means ensuring they have the most effective tools in place to carry out the migration and to maintain any new technology following deployment,” said Beadon.

      "End of support for Windows XP also means that Microsoft will stop developing security patches for it and new vulnerabilities will continue to impact Windows XP on a regular basis. These vulnerabilities could include critical flaws that could allow an attacker to take over or cripple a PC running it bringing new risks to the business, Beadon said.

      "In addition, companies that made software for XP will also stop developing applications for it.

    • seriouslynot Jun 3, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

      Samsung Disagrees with you

    • are you short Intel ?

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