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  • mrbuyingtrends mrbuyingtrends Nov 6, 2002 8:15 AM Flag

    this stock going to rocket

    shorts will be toast on news coming this week
    giddeyeup huge news coming

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    • probably the same that happens to a woman.

    • cramer_shorted_rogaine cramer_shorted_rogaine Nov 16, 2002 11:51 AM Flag

      That's interesting because I though these companies were cutting back to make their numbers. State governments? Many of them are in HUGE trouble. What happens to a man's office furniture when he's layed off?

    • Motorola, Dell, Cisco, Intel, GE, Ford, city governments, state governments, the federal government, etc. etc. All are buying furniture or participating in service contracts
      to maintain existing furniture, handle churn management, reuse, disposition, etc.

    • cramer_shorted_rogaine cramer_shorted_rogaine Nov 15, 2002 10:37 AM Flag

      The increase in inventories is troublesome and deflationary. "Deflation" is the word we need to learn to say because it will give earnings a real spanking. Deflation is much worse than inflation and the Fed doesn't know how to deal with it. They can't pump money into the economy through credit, to much of an extent, because too many companies and individuals are already at their limit. These PPI numbers are not true indicators of the larger economic picture and the market knows it. BTW, isn't it interesting how previous government economic numbers get revised downward every month? The rise in consumer sentiment is a result of the recent rise in the equities market. That can change overnight. I would not own stock in this environment. Can you imagine what would happen to world markets if we had another catastrophic terrorist event of the magnitude of the WTC? Don't think it could happen? Think again.

    • Why doesn't anyone dare look at the truth? Remember from the PR 9/18/01 report: �For the second quarter the company expects net sales to be in the range of $340 million to $360 million, with earnings per share between $.09 and $.14. This guidance presumes there is no further change in the current business environment or the domestic and international economies.�

      Why don't you girls and Democraps respond to this?

      What has happened JUST TODAY?
      Remember the UGLY INFLATION OF THE 70s? Well how about this UNEXPECTED rise in PPI today?
      >>>The producer price index (news - web sites), a measure of prices received at the farm and factory gate, rose 1.1 percent last month after a 0.1 percent gain in September, the Labor Department (news - web sites) said.

      >>>"businesses increased their inventory stockpiles at the fastest pace in almost two years in September as business sales slumped, the Commerce Department (news - web sites) said on Friday.
      Inventories at retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers grew by an unexpectedly large 0.5 percent in September, driven by increased stockpiles at retail stores, car dealerships and furniture stores."

      Inventories are UNEXPECTEDLY up! Golly, do you think that might be considered a "change in the current business environment"?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Do you think these businesses will be buying new chairs? What happens when the warehouse is full? They lay off the employees. Maybe MLHR will sell furniture to furnish all the home offices of those laid off employees.

      Oh, and on the national scene:
      07:20 ET FBI warns of new attack in weekly bulletin : CNN reports that the FBI is warning of a "spectacular" new attack designed to cause "mass casualties, severe damage to the U.S. economy and maximum psychological trauma." According to the report, the weekly law enforcement bulletin contained no specifics and has not prompted a change in the terror threat level, but is unusual based on its dire language.

      And options expire today with tripple witching, so they will pretty much try to keep things even for the day. Place your bets.


      Covered my shorts initiated in July at 20 at 16 IN ONLY A MONTH, when I went long! Nice little trade 16 to 19 but it sure it hard to make money long in this stock. That took forever compared to the rush down that occurs as the markets decline. This is a historical opportunity to make another 20% OR MORE VERY QUICKLY. I laugh at you pitiable longs as I take your money: HA HA HA! I warn you before it will happen. DECLINING VOLUME!! Look at the chart!! Volume is DROPPING OFF! I am trying to help you preserve your capital. Soon I will borrow the very shares out of your account without your permission and make money off your hard work. Volume will intensify on the way down as you worthless little poops realize what I am saying is truth and rush to the exits. It will be too late, and I will laugh at your efforts.

      At 19 we have strong resistance. I short in the 19s again. Took 1/3 short position today! Maybe they were your shares. I have my fingers in your miserable portfolio of loser stocks and you don�t even know it. Short term (days) it may track into 19s on ever declining volume but this opportunity is TOO GOOD to pass up!! Maybe I�ll take the other 2/3 after the FOMC this afternoon. Maybe after lunch. Maybe tomorrow. But I will take it.

      -Sell the News.
      -This isn't a growth stock.
      -Declining volume.
      -This isn't a defense stock.
      -The economy is in the toilet. Greenspan will confirm that today.
      -Even if rates are lowered, is everyone going to borrow money to buy chairs?
      -You have one thing, the Pentagon. That's it? That's the party? Get real!!
      -This sucker will eventually trade into the single digits. If you had a chance to have sold your 401k into cash last year, wouldn't you? WELL YOU DID, AND YOU DIDN'T, YOU LOSERS!
      -You never learn. I take your money and laugh at you: HA HA HA!

      One last warning to you idiots. It will drop hard. It always goes up painfully slow but always comes down hard. You will NOT HAVE A CHANCE once it starts. You will be begging to get your $19 price out of this stock shortly, and I will LAUGH AT YOUR PATHETIC PAIN and your FAILURE to ACT.




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