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  • ivybanks1 ivybanks1 Jun 24, 2005 12:31 AM Flag

    Volkema and Walker

    may have more income than MLHR in 2005 if they
    don't run out of options to exercise. They must
    be nearing a combined 30 million for the six

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    • I did hear talk today that they don't expect
      the fed to move at the next meeting.
      Another article in the Journal today focused on
      stated banning illegals from certain school
      programs and receiving drivers liscenses, yet
      it seems that with id cards, banks are giving
      them mortgages.
      And you are right with regard to jobs. Of
      course anyone without work papers shouldn't
      even show up in the statistics. With the
      layoffs planned by the auto and related
      industries, those being and going to be caused
      by recent large mergers in financial and other
      areas, I don't know where all these people are
      going to go. Service and construction are the
      only areas of employement holding up. I guess
      an auto worker can make the shift to banging
      nails, only they will need to relocate as no
      homes are being built in Detroit.
      I should be getting my prepurchase option from
      the fuel oil company shortly. I would expect
      the price to be up 20% or more from last
      winter, which was up nearly 20% from 2003.
      What inflation? I'll go out tonight and have
      a few pints of Bass Ale at $4.87 a pint. I
      remember paying $2.50 a pint when the place
      opened about 8 years ago. Thats pretty steady
      inflation, but at least there is little risk
      of me becoming an alchoholic at those prices.

    • I saw the story too. Did you see the part about the OTM (other that Mexicans)? How about the numbers of them that were released? 75% of those OTMs released never came back for their hearings. Surprise! The data that INS tried to hide from the people stated that the new growth in immigration is coming from South and Central America, most notably Brazil. It showed that 12,000 Brazilians alone were apprehended last year! Those were the ones that were caught.
      (146K jobs today? NOT nearly enough.)
      Economics trumps public policy.

      It looks like the market is pricing in a Fed rate decrease right now.

    • They can't get out fast enough, can they?

      Ivy, are you short MLHR?
      This market is going to take a big tumble one day. I'm just not sure what day that is.

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      • MLHR share buyback has barely kept up with the
        dilution from the options. To make it easier,
        the company simply began to buy Volkema's
        shares rather than go open market.
        Haven't been short for quite a while as last
        time I got stuck for a while only to eventually
        make pocket change. I do agree with you with
        regard to the market. I haven't liked the up/
        down movement for a while now, more than oil
        related, and have closed many positions,
        holding on to PG, BG, ENDP, IVX and a few
        biotech's. I may go mostly muni's for a while
        as I'd be happy with 6 1/2% free of fed tax.
        I've done well adding to my shares of DSM over
        the past year.
        I think there is a killing to be made going
        short mid and high priced retailers in the near
        future, but as always, the problem is the
        timing.Teen retailers have gone through the
        roof in the past year and it just can't last.
        I've never seen consumer spending so out of
        control based on economic conditions. Debt
        just keeps getting higher and higher. I guess
        our country sets a bad example for its citizens.

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