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  • brianvenis brianvenis Mar 22, 2007 3:52 PM Flag


    Herman miller 2007 just opened the expansion facility in china...
    and with china growth booming like crazy....
    they need to open a lot of office spaces, office rooms, hotels, residential apartments, condos, retail offices, shoppong mall, hospitals etc in shanghai, peking expansion in macao etc etc

    mlhr will have great expansion business in china!!!

    remember sales up +14.3%, orders up +15.2% orders backlog up +23.4%......... (not rated) 21-mar-07 04:55 pm net income up +44% and earnings per share up +51.5%!!!!!

    great company with great future!!!

    just happened some stupid bear shorties want to destroy mlhr with their illegal shorting scheme plus stupidly 100% believing the human analysts numbers (analyst only human they just made their own "guessing" predictions) info like they are "de facto" must be follow all the time?
    and only 2 cents less??? Down $4????

    crazy??? You must must be kidding!!!

    those analysts preduction figures cannot be treated as perfect defacto everytime...(stupid!!!)
    they are only human and just "guessing" their numbers on mlhr...
    nobody perfect except god!!!

    if they 'guessing' numbers always need to be treated as true defacto figures that must be followed by investors all the time then they should become billionaire warren buffett!!! And not working as analysts!!!

    no analyst can be 100% correct all the time!!! They just made guessing their numbers!!!

    face, see, read and understand the great true reality of mlhr:

    remember sales up +14.3%, orders up +15.2% orders backlog up +23.4%......... (not rated) 21-mar-07 04:55 pm net income up +44% and earnings per share up +51.5%!!!!!

    be smart!!! Don't be a dumb heads!!!

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    • I have a stock called AIR , they gave an Inline earning report and the stock went down 3 bucks . I had Cohu , they beat the estimate and the stock went from 28 to 16 . you never know .
      I think this stock is gonna bleed 2 more bucks then start to recover . Please do not get emotioal about it . This the game that we all play , some time we loose and sometimes we win .
      just think long term . you will go crazy if keep looking at it every 2 minutes . and by the way this will be my last post for while untile next earning probebly .

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