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  • brianvenis brianvenis Jun 27, 2007 5:19 PM Flag


    But those dirty bear crockroaches shorties (hedge fund mgrs/pe investment mgrs etc) are playing their illegal dirty tricky games 'after hours' by buying and selling their own mlhr shares to themselves at way way below market closing price in very very 'minicule quantity shares' (100, 50, 25, 20, 1) just to destroy the 'real' opening market price tomorrow. (illegal dirty price market manipulation!!!)

    those dirty bear/put shorties just shockingly realized that their prediction/bet that mlhr earning reports will be bad are completely wrong!!!

    mlhr earning reports with +9% sales increase and +32% earning increase are impressive!!! Great figures!! great reports!!! Great future!!!

    but since those dirty bear/put shorties are dirty devil price manipulators and always been doing dirty tricks/schemes to make fatter their fat belly!!! They always refused to admit their stupid mistakes and facing mlhr's e/r 'good reality' with class, honesty & integrity!!! They are nothing but garbage!!!!

    .....instead they keep continue with their after hours dirty price manipulating schemes by buying and selling their own mlhr shares in 'unrealistic' way below market price and 'unrealistic' minicule shares transaction quantity!!!

    their illegal price manipulation need to be reported to sec!!!

    be smart everyone!!!

    don't be an easy victim of their dirty trick and price manipulation!!!

    mlhr with great earning reports +9% sales increase and +32% earning increase plus their growing open factory facility in china, mlhr has a great future!!!

    mlhr is growing and expanding up up up to its true value $45-$55 very very soon!!!

    don't panic or sell your 'value' mlhr shares cheap,

    be smart your 'value' mlhr shares are worth minimum $45 - $55 !!!!!

    let's eliminate those dirty bear/put shorties 'after hours' illegal price manipulation schemes once for all now!!!!

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