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Orbital Engine Corp. Ltd. (OE) Message Board

  • It is very positive. The markets in Australia and the US have reached the conclusion that this is bad news. I see it differently.


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    • Look at a 5 year chart before posting. This board
      is not full of small time investors. If this stock
      hit 20 tomorrow I would still think management
      failed. I agree with the prior post. You cannot keep
      falling short of promises without losing credibility.
      Although no promises are made this company constantly has
      the just wait announcement. No mutual fund will make
      a serious investment with this company until they
      get a personal copy of contracts and several quarters
      of consistant growth and earnings.

      I don't
      expect daily reports. Just honest, down to earth updates
      would be nice.

    • come on George - Dont piss in my face and try to make me think it is raining. How can you say it is positive. Tim

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      • I'm sorry you feel that way. Believe me I don't
        hold anything against you. Everyone is entitled to let
        off steam.

        Below is an extract from
        Pannawonica's post.

        "OEDI seems best suited where fuel
        is injected from the TOP of the cylinder (vertical
        injection). It seems DB want to use SIDE cylinder injection
        (horizontal) - due to their existing engine design (lack of
        space under the bonnet etc). Using side cylinder
        injection, OEDI is only marginally better than HPDI. (using
        vertical injection, OEDI is superior to HPDI)"

        read my posts 3000 & 3001