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  • foolishrat5 foolishrat5 Jan 19, 1999 1:23 PM Flag

    OE Redeems Convertible Note

    They have a significant investment so I don't
    think it has gone unnoticed or forgotten about. If it
    had been, John (from SI) talked to them recently
    regarding their feelings about the convertible. I am not
    going to ask about their OE investment in particular. I
    just want to know their standard investment practices.
    Do they normally invest in companies who open
    facilities in their state? How long do they hold the
    investments (long or short term strategy)? and What do they
    do when a company closes its operations

    I would be willing to bet my OE shares that they
    plan on selling strictly based on the fact OE is
    moving out. I could probably do a ton of research and
    look at their buying/selling patterns along with
    facility openings and closings. I would rather save time
    and be a little more direct.