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  • rfritz10 rfritz10 Apr 20, 1999 9:36 AM Flag


    They reported earnings this morning.
    report went on to say sales benifited from-------- and
    strong consumer demand for our new low emission outboard
    engines.They went on to say the continuing ramp up of low
    emission out board production-----
    Optimax seems to be
    selling up to their expectations.

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    • I do not think yhat you have any idea what 20,000 is worth at a penny per share.

    • them to kick some buts. It is very irritating when you have no idea what the people managing your company are doing, AND APPARENTLY DON"T GIVE A SHIT.

    • I have not asked anyone their holding - and
      Pierre correctly pointed out that having such
      information has certain responsibilities that go with such
      information. So I decided not to worry about the share
      holdings as - the reason we started the count was because
      I belive that Roberta told Maverick that we on
      these threads were just just minor shareholders. We now
      know that we are not minor and if we can get a few
      major shareholders on our side, we can effect positive
      change. However we must be very careful with our actions.
      Speaking for myself only , I have written to the Chairman
      of the Board and asked if he would comment on the
      recent performance of management. I told him that I was
      one of many shareholders in the USA that were very
      concerned about performance and the new low in the share
      price. I also said that if there was no action
      progress that itwas my intention to seek the removal of
      the CEO by shareholder vote. I have not heard back
      from him, and I intent to wait a about another week
      for a reply. Any response I get I will let you know.
      No response I will seek the removal of the CEO at
      the next AGM. Of course if management can show me
      that progress is being made - I will be very happy to
      admit that I have misjudged them. For the time being I
      am just waiting to see what develops.

    • Could you please post the total number of people and shares of those who support your battle to replace management.


    • I totally agree with your last post. I belive
      that there is a future for Orbital in both the 2S and
      maybe the 4S markets. Revenue is coming to OE in the
      future ( hopefully in the not toodistant future ) As I
      am sure you know, lot of revenue will cover up a
      multitude of sins in a corporation. Here is the question:-
      When OE get its revenue stream do you want it managed
      by the same people who thought that there was
      nothing wrong with the Convertible? That is a scary
      thought! ....and
      the reason I say that management who
      looses sight of shareholder value, and is not up front
      with the shareholders needs to be replaced.

    • I agree with you that the latest news under
      "WHATS NEW" is luidcrus,most of the info is 2-3 years
      old and a lot of new info. was not included. Why
      With that said,I still believe that the ducks are
      being lined up in a row and the upcoming emissions
      timetable is the ONE AND ONLY driving factor when it comes
      to OE's success.
      Merc went to market to beat
      OMC,Tohatsu will follow very soon Bombardier will because of
      Polaris,etc.Piaggio will because of Aprillia,Sundiro will force the
      Asian region to compete.
      OE will succeed in the
      2-stroke world and will probably get a large share of it.
      Texmaco could be a huge profit center for OE in the not
      to distant future. I also believe that DI is going
      to be the next fuel delivery system,replacing MPFI.
      With 50m vehicles produced per year,I also believe at
      least one of the co's will use OE,just to be

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    • Where you can fold and no one gets to see the bluff hand you were playing.

    • Perhaps this is like a game of Rummey. You sit there quietly collecting cards until the time comes to lay them all out on the table.

    • Ralph: You are very kind but it would be unfair
      IMO for anyone of us to accept your offer- because
      our discontent is not with you or the other
      shareholders, it is with the performance of our company. You
      and other may belive that management is doing a great
      job, - Others including myself think otherwise and I
      have stated my reasons for my opinions. No one has
      come to me and said, " the reason you are wrong is
      Understand, Ralph, I want to belive ---- I just am not a
      beliver anymore . let me clarify - I belive in the
      I do NOT belive in the management of the
      technology. I think that they are screwing with shareholder
      value - let me rephrase
      that - I do not think that
      they give a damn about shareholder value and I think
      that we should hold our directors responsible
      for a
      whole series of screw ups. They put out something new
      on the OE web site - give me a break - that is the
      same old garbage they have been selling the share on
      for years. It is time as the old saying goes " to
      start taking names and kicking ass"
      those from Ohio
      know the saying - "It is show me time Mr CEO
      These guys have been playing with shareholder money for
      -- the bill is due - perform or leave!!!
      It is not big news - it is the same old B/S that
      they have been feeding the shareholders for years - it
      is just there are not as many belivers

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