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  • oldbag99 oldbag99 Feb 23, 2009 7:51 PM Flag

    Dish TV sucks


    How many times have you went through all the channel lists 2 or 3 times trying to find 1 show you want to watch?
    I have hundreds of times.
    I am getting tired of paying for nothing. I have free TV for that.

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    • Warren Buffett is a socialist?

      If Warren Buffett and Obama are socialists, then the term 'socialist' - at least in popular and establishment usage as of late, has lost all meaning except as an insulting epithet spewed by reactionaries, right wing propagandists or political ignoramuses.

      Its obnoctious!

    • Issue is not with Direct TV, DISH or Cable even. It's the stations feeding the crap to them. Atleast with SIRI, they control their own distiny as they produce the content.

    • I have had dish for 2years and knock on wood have had no problems. Last week I dropped them to bundle with my phone company to try and save money,I went with Directtv what a mistake that was. Believe me Direct is baaaaaad. I was told all the wrong things did not get what I was suppose to,and when I told them after 5 days of service to come and get their equipment they told me that there would be a fee for me to pay in the amount of $480.00. So people really investigate your options.

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      • Dish TV to pay Vt. $125,000 to settle letter wording
        By The Associated Press - August 29, 2011

        The state of Vermont says Dish Network is going to pay $125,000 to resolve a complaint about a letter to some subscribers that included wording the state considered unfair and deceptive.

        The state says that in July 2010, the satellite television provider sent 310 letters to Vermont consumers that included phrases such as "Urgent Action Required" and "Please read immediately to avoid service interruption." The letter went on to claim that replacement of consumer equipment was "necessary" and "free."

        In settling with the state, Dish admitted no immediate equipment upgrade was necessary.

        Attorney General William Sorrell says that under Vermont's Consumer Fraud Act, words like "urgent," "immediately," ''necessary" and "free" have significant meanings.

        Sorrell says using such language to trigger unnecessary action won't be tolerated.

      • I called them to inquire about their tiny print on the flyer we received and got the most ignorant rude women you can imagine. She basically told me to stop wasting her time, and she was too busy to talk to me. I would get to read the terms when they installed the dish and had me sign the contract.... WHEN PIGS FLY!! (and this lady had wings!)

    • TV/ Hollywood in general sucks. But the wife likes it so I upraged to HD, two receivers a month or so ago. Whatever.

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      • So lets see? Someone mad cause they dont have anything to watch on Dish? Switch to cable Fios or DTV what is the difference? Same ol stuff. Free TV OTA? Come on buy your Digital TV or buy a converter box hook it up and try it. In our area your lucky to get 2 channels. Lets complain cause we cant cancel because it costs so much money to cancel and Dish trapped us. Did you read the contract you signed? Nope lets just act like its the end of the world and Dish is stealing from us. Here is something for you when you sign up for new service and get all your equipment for free of course you would pay an early termination fee. Oh but my system doesnt work right! Every company has defective equipment and installations not just Dish. Point is my TV works fine and you're all crying. Pour all of your money into this stock its worth just as much as all the other pay tv services. Oh and last thing rate hikes? Oh my lord they all do it too. Nothing stays the same price forever.

    • "I think there will be a lot of unhappy stock buyers on
      Monday when earnings, current business and forecasts are announced."

      Great call!

      Dump this lousy company.

    • Free TV? Huh? Analog is dead in case you hadn't I guess that means you are pirating cable...In any case it isn't free - it consumes power and you pay the power company. Don't tell me you get that free too. Oh wait live in your mom's basement. Never mind....

    • agree 100%.
      Same old crap over and over.

    • pancreatically_challenged pancreatically_challenged Feb 23, 2009 7:56 PM Flag

      You're not kidding they suck. I have them currently and I can't wait until the end of my contract. What I like is their billing statements. They give you all kinds of credits but if you really look at it, you realize that they increased their pricing or have hit you with additional fees. Charlie, get your head out of your butt! I am leaving after this, either for direct tv or most likely free tv.

      Dish sucks.

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