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  • nofly2007 nofly2007 Apr 17, 2012 3:06 PM Flag

    Dish Online Store

    I have been an investor in DISH. I am a customer of DISH and have been for years. I have made money on their stock from time to time. Actually never had a losing trade on their stock. I have enjoyed their technology.

    I always thought people who complained about DISH or their customer service were sort of oddballs. Well folks I have changed my mind about that. I ordered a Tailgater (mobile satellite dish) online and the order failed but still charged my credit card. For the next several DAYS I spent time on the phone with different agents telling me to order another one and that this time it wouldn't charge me. Whoops now two failed orders. One agent then told me that the only way to get a Tailgater was to go to my local authorized retailer which just happens to be 15 miles away and they don't stock the Tailgater. Then I was told to just wait 72 hours and try again. Then I asked for a supervisor. I was then told they could see the problem but couldn't do anything about it but would try to get me an answer within three business days about what went wrong.
    Unbelievable. Honestly I have to say that DISH absolutely has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Also the worst online store experience I have ever had. DISH must sell a certain amount of their technology online and while I am certain they are miniscule compared say to Amazon they are incredibly inefficient.

    Based on my experience I won't be investing in DISH. Sooner or later they will inevitably lose a percentage of their customers due to mishandling of the customer. I intend personally to stay with DISH for their service and I enjoy their technology but their stock will most likely not exhibit the advantages of their technology.

    Having said all of that maybe this whole industry has poor customer service. I have worked with Comcast for TV, phone, and internet for my Mother and that has always gone well. No idea what Direct TV is like as far as their customer service. At the end of the day it has to be a combination of excellent technology, decent pricing, and decent customer service to get and retain that customer.

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